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Hello everyone,

I've got a mental blockage and I'm hoping you can help me. I sell a high ticket price course: Shaolin Chi Kung (think Chinese Yoga, but better).

A car is a car, it takes you from A to B. But if I show you my Bentley Continental you'll look at me very differently than if I show you my Kia.

A watch is a watch, it tells you the time. But there is a big difference between a Panerai and a Sekonda.

I could go on. These are tangible things, you can look at, feel, smell (and taste if you wanted to!). So I think it's easier to "convince" a customer of the value of the more expensive item.

I have two questions you can help me with:

  1. What other successful non tangible services, that sell for a very high ticket price can you think of, that might be worth looking at to emulate their marketing strategy.
  2. Do you have experience of selling a high end service and what approach do you take to convincing your customers that you are the only option if they want the best? (And you haven't got a shiny, sparkly product for them)
I genuinely feel that the "product" I sell is the greatest personal evolution tool available on the market today. I just need a strategy I can have confidence in to make a lot of money from it. Because currently what I'm doing isn't working

All thoughts gratefully received, and thank you in advance for your precious time.

Kindest regards

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    Welcome to the forum!

    Here are a couple of suggestions:

    Be sure to implement an affiliate program with a good commission. Attracting the right affiliates will help you sell a lot more of your high ticket item. Provide some great affiliate tools, such as graphics, emails, and brandable reports, along with some accurate stats, and then invite some super affiliates.

    Do some high profile and highly advertised case studies on people using your product, to show how well it works in real life with real people. Include videos.

    Good luck to you!

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    I'm not an advanced practitioner but I have studied and
    practice Chi Kung (or whatever correctionists want to call it).

    1st - I looked at the sales page for your ebook. Seems
    very reasonably priced.

    2nd - you'll have to look at HOW the value is created in your
    big-ticket course. I assume it's some sort of back-end. One-on-one
    coaching on the phone is a great way to do this. If it's positioned
    as something that will make the practitioner progress faster or
    achieve his or her goals quicker then it should be a slam-dunk.

    3rd- in my experience I would think that this is difficult to
    teach from a book or even video. I'm in a different school
    perhaps that is trickier to learn. If you have a simpler
    system that is easy to understand and works well, then great.

    4th- your sales page falls into a very typical (for martial arts)
    "boasting" modality where a lot of energy is put into asserting
    the superiority of the school or form. I find this problematical
    and indicative of a combat-oriented Yang attitude rather than
    a Healing Yin approach that emphasizes different things.

    5th - The way to sell big-ticket back-end products is over the
    phone or from the speaking podium. These may not be
    how you wish to sell but they are what works best.

    I'd be available to consult with you if you like.
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