Hosting Resellers: Do YOU Have a Website???

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This thread is for those who have a hosting reseller account with someone like Hostgator.

I currently am a HG reseller and I sell my hosting packaged with my custom website designs to my clients.

BUT..I want to start focusing more on getting local businesses to host their websites with me. My plan?

To take a car insurance angle...

Hit them with something like..."New Customers saved $XX per year hosting with us".

Get them in for a low introductory rate to transfer/host their website with us, then 6 months to a year later the price goes up to normal price (still lower than who they where hosting with before).

SO question to you other resellers is:
"Do you have a website just dedicated to your hosting business or do you bundle it with another service such as web design or something similar? Maybe you just have it as another service on your main website?"

Please, I'd love to hear how some of you are doing this.

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    Personally I don't think it's necessary at all.

    When dealing with offline clients, the hosting is just bundled in with the web development contract - and a minor issue since the bulk of the contract is other services.

    I've found that a website is useful for some sales, but the most profitable deals are closed face to face.

    I just provide private hosting to clients, and not to the public at large - the margins are too low for all the support hassles.
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