Marketing Week 2021 Trends: The value of value and opening up marketing

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A new article on Marketing Week reports on the challenges facing marketers during 2021.

The current vaccination roll-out in the UK has begun to spark hope that life can return to something approaching normal quite soon, but this article says that's likely to be a different brand of normal given the events of 2020. It predicts high unemployment and higher taxes due to increased government spending during the pandemic - and that consumer confidence won't quickly bounce back.

The author suggests that such an environment demands a change of approach from brands and marketers - with the latter group needing to lead from the front if we're to show signs of recovery any time soon. While slashed prices look set to become abundant on the high street, the best marketing professionals will look at providing value - and then shouting about what their product or brand offers to cash-strapped consumers.

How Apprentices Can Help the Nation Bounce Back from COVID-19

The article also suggests that 2021 should be the year of apprenticeships. It says that the 16-24 age group is one of the worst-hit by a lack of employment opportunities in the wake of the global health crisis. The author says a recent survey discovered that less than 50% of employers would be looking to recruit younger people in 2021 - and that's despite a government scheme that provides incentives to organizations prepared to take on apprentices.

The marketing industry should be looking to break down barriers when it comes to young talent. Not only do apprenticeships offer an additional route into marketing, but they also tend to harvest talent that might not have accessed the industry via more traditional means - making brands richer for the diversity.
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    The article also suggests that 2021 should be the year of apprenticeships. - totally agree , looks like will be like that .
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    Nice article
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