The SEJ eSummit: How to Learn Actionable Content Strategies That Convert

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A new article on Search Engine Journal reports that the upcoming SEJ eSummit teaches marketers how to build new content strategies so they can build conversions. You'll also find actionable advice from some of the leading content marketing pros in the business.

There's a link at the very top of the original article if you're thinking about registering for Search Engine Journal's eSummit. The event takes place on January 12th 2021. The author says that the importance of content shouldn't be ignored when it comes to fueling search, social, and digital marketing campaigns during the coming year. This article lists what you can expect from the eSummit.

'How to Ensure Your Facebook Video Content Generates Quality Leads' is a session hosted by Mari Smith:
  • Learn how to get better results from Facebook without going back and forth with them.
  • What methodologies work best for organic results.
  • How to make content work on a small budget.
  • What new Facebook marketing strategies and tactics will work best in 2021.
  • How to emphasize video to get epic results on a small budget.

'How to Drive Impact at Every Stage of the Funnel with Laser-Focused Content' is hosted by Andy Crestodina:
  • Learn how best to utilize funnels and funnel analysis to help optimize content.
  • How to create a content marketing funnel for 2021.
  • What key stages you should focus your content efforts on.
  • What types of content work best at each stage of the marketing funnel.
  • How to ensure you get in front of the right audience and engage with content.

'5 Trending Content Strategies Techniques That Will Stick Around in 2021' is hosted by Julia McCoy:
  • Learn how heavy of a role content creation played in 2020.
  • The role of content creation in 2021.
  • What is a "trust" factor in these unpredictable times.
  • What's trending in terms of value and building rapport with audiences.
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