Criteo's Retail Media Platform, and What Search Marketers Need to Know About it

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A new article on Search Engine Journal tells you everything you need to know to get started using Criteo's Retail Media platform.

Most people in paid search will have heard about Criteo, but you could have missed the fairly recent announcement about Criteo's new Retail Media platform. This article is all about what the Retail Media platform does for sponsored products and how you can get involved - there is far more detail in the original article, so head there if you like the look of what Criteo!

The author says that with Criteo, retailers get to just be retailers. You don't need to be an ad management platform or software developer. That means you can get products to consumers quicker, "without absorbing the costs of owning, maintaining, and building out an advertising technology stack."

Criteo lets you employ budget caps for different retailers, or you can use AI to allocate funds dynamically. You can use individual stores to push brands in specific marketplaces. Sponsored products via Criteo is a CPC model and a first-price auction, but it's not keyword-based - it uses SKUs. The SKUs already have keywords associated with them, and you can set your bid according to that.

This is a pretty clever interface that lets you handle CPC bids more easily too.

The flexibility here lets you have a campaign based on one single line item and a sole retailer or twenty line items with multiple retailers - you choose, and you don't get bogged down:

Reporting is convenient too. Metrics are normalized across all retailers and you can compile customized reports with the metrics you want to see, which you can then download directly from the interface or get them sent to your email inbox.

If you'd like to find out more about the features or get started using Criteo, check out the original article - and good luck!
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