Selling a software program via CB + generating serial number help please

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I have a software program in Clickbank which I sell and the customer downloads. However, I would like to offer a 7 day trial version, after which if the customer purchases they will be given a serial number on the Clickbank receipt to input into the software program. My programmer can provide the utility that generates serial numbers, but how can I get that serial number onto the Clickbank download/thank-you page automatically via Clickbank?

I did ask somebody that does this already, but this answer wasn't clear enough for me.

"You would need to find a 3rd party solution, and then integrate it into your program. I
use a custom script that my programmer wrote for me, but I know that there are many commercial products available for this."

My question is HOW do you integrate it and how does the serial number come up on the thank you page?

Any help would be appreciated.

Also, would changing my program to offer a trial version affect my affiliates and their commissions?

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    Without knowing what language the program is it is hard to give you a direct answer.

    For example if it was PHP script to be installed on a domain, I would recommend an encode called CodeLock which allows trial versions, locks it to a domain, etc. There are other options based on what ever language you use (VB, C++, etc) but these may require some significant code changes and a recompile.

    As for your last question, no, the cookie placed by clickbank will be in place for 90 days, so after they have downloaded the trial and decide to buy it, they original referrer will still get the credit for the sale once they go through the clickbank checkout.
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