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I want to set up a site selling gifts to golfers.

There are three main product groups.

Print on Demand products , T shirts , Mugs etc we already have our own designs ( If you have some quality designs I would be interested )
Golf Related E books once again these are our own branded books which I want to sell via instant or timed delivery
Vouchers as gifts so people can buy discounted tee times,tuition etc

I want to have a daily deal type site that ideally runs on wordpress as I have some experience of it. However if Wordpress is not the right CMS then I would be interested in other

I am based in the UK and my marketing list is mostly British however I wish to dell my products to the global golf market

Reccomendation's please

Quality theme
Quality Infrastructure eg possibly woocommerce, shopify etc
Print on Demand Supplier ( must be established and ideally offer global reach, with local production )
I want to offer agents the ability to sell my products to their lists so I need to be able to issue a code that credits them with the right commission and ideally I want to automate this process.

Any other help or suggestions welcome
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    I recommend that you start by choosing the most suitable eCommerce platform for your needs, then check which POD services it will integrate very well with.

    Make a complete list of what's essential, and what's most important to you, so you can choose the most suitable combination.

    Then that will tell you whether you can use WordPress or a different platform, and after that you can get into themes etc.

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