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I've got a half dozen blogs that would be useful to tie together in Yahoo pipes.

They all have the RSS run through feedburner.

When I test each blogs RSS feed I can subscribe to them.

Some of them report errors when submitted to RSS directories.
I've no clue why some are fine and others are less than fine.
I did all of them the same way.
They are however hosted on various hosting accounts (not sure if that makes a difference)

When I try my hand at yahoo pipes, I can see the feeds content but the orange box with it's question mark icon is telling me there is something wrong with the feed.

Where do I look to correct the feed problem?
I've been to feedburner support and it seems there are dozens if not hundreds of people asking what's wrong with there feed.

very few replies as to how to fix them.

I tried entering the and the feedburner feed

What can I try next?

Many thanks for any light shed on this problem
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    David if you could PM me the Yahoo! Pipe I will take a look at it for you.
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      Thanks, I didn't create it because the feeds were returning errors.

      Here's the deal: I've got some local Maryland SEO clients, more than one of them could be looked at as related, so I wanted to combine the RSS feeds from each blog.

      One is a home remodeling contractor
      another is a home air duct cleaning contractor
      another is janitor service

      so I wanted to combine them into one big feed.

      sounds good in practice

      problem is the ones hosted on my godaddy account perform OK
      the ones installed on the clients hosting account return errors.
      I'm afraid it's an apache config problem that is over my head.
      I hope not, but it may be a config problem

      David Bruce Jr of Frederick Web Promotions
      Lawyer Local SEO - |

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