Affiliate marketing with PDF product catalogs, good idea ?.

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I have been out of affiliate marketing for about 13 years.

Back in the early 2000's we used to create product catalogs with multiple brands and their products. We'd promote and then we'd follow up with email promoting the products in the catalog and of course we'd add new ones as well.

In 2019 is there some reason why affiliate marketing with PDF catalogs does or does not work?
I ask because I don't want to waste paying someone to build a catalog for about 20 brands and their product's and it being a flop.
Is there any prevailing wisdom why I should or should not move forward?

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    Whell I know just what I do and this is not pdf catalogs.
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    I'm very active in affiliate marketing since over two years and I feel like I know a lot and I have seen a lot of things.

    But I never heard of pdf catalog affiliate marketing haha

    Therefore my tip is to take a look at the current marketplace and do what works now
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    TobiMDD is right. This industry is an ever-changing one. We all know how Google changes algorithms and can mess up strategies you put months in. It's the same with selling strategies.
    Just try and see what's flying now
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    I don't see any reason it wouldn't work, although, as others say, it's not something I've seen.

    Can you find a way to test it quickly and cheaply? If so, then I think it's worth doing.

    My guess is that it might work better with things like CPA offers, rather than higher-ticket stuff, but that's just my guess, so test anything you can think of

    Also, consider doing it in a way which captures people's email addresses . . . that way, even if what you are testing doesn't work, you have still built a list, which you can promote to in more common ways for affiliate income.

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