Starting a Mailing List with a Bonus Report

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Does that still work?

I want to start one around service arbitrage as I have used the method for many years now. I was wondering if the landing page + report formula still worked. I already have the report ready.

I would also like to know what I should do next to monetize. I want to know exactly how I should follow up. Also, I would need to know what type of real estate I should have set up, ie a blog with a few reviews. Any help would be appreciated.
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    It works if your report is good and helps people - as simple as that

    Regarding your other questions its hard to tell you exactly what to do. Find similar services/products within your niche that you can promote and follow up by providing value to your customers as well as promoting the same and new things later to them.

    If you want to have a blog or not is your own decision. It will definitly help if you are active there and willing to fill it with valuable content.
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    Yes you can definitely still build a list that way.

    One approach is FaceBook Lead (pre-filled form) ads, which tend to be a lot cheaper than normal FB ads . . . people say the quality is not as good, but I think it's definitely worth testing . . . from a very small test I was getting emails of people interested in online business, for under a dollar each.

    As for monetisation . . . personally I like webinars, because they convert around 10 times better than a sales page or sales video, it's so much easier to tell your list about a great new free training by a 7-figure expert, and a webinar (a good one, at least) gives genuine actionable methods for free.

    You don't necessarily need a website to monetise a list, although it can certainly help make you look more professional, so it's probably worth doing since you need to buy a domain to send your emails from anyway.

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    Thanks for this, I will give those a look.
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    This still works and it's the model to start and grow a business.
    You giveaway a FREE (intensive or lead magnet) in exchange of their email address.
    You then follow them up with emails with more value and of course with more offers.

    Russell Brunson explains very good how this model is the only model you need to follow to launch a business and grow it.

    You only need to build a list with prospects and send them offers.

    You can watch the R.B. 5 lead challenge (the more recent) on youtube, he shows all the process for free from building a lead funnell to flood it with free traffic. Even explains on how to write your follow ups.
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    Marketers are still making money off the "FREEBIE for newsletter membership" model

    What's changed?

    Traffic sources

    Learn how to optimize for Facebook paid traffic

    Learn how to convert dirt cheap engagement campaigns to email subs

    Thankfully, you don't have to sign up for an expensive "coaching" program to learn this....

    Youtube is bursting at the seams with videos teaching anyone how to create lookalike audiences
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  • Sure you will start and increase your list using a quality Bonus report that is targeted to the people
    you approach for your list and give them good value. If a suscriber sees great value from the beginning
    using that report is a clever idea, they realize you care, so be assured this works.

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