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The things go this way
Lets Supose you create content in a specific niche where your purpose its to sell affiliate products or whatever you want to sell
1 Now change roles and imagine you are a customer and you watch your content : youtube video ,blog post ,landing page ,affiliate review
2 .You find your content great ? ,it makes you to buy or its just look like a disperate post with no value ,just trying to make you a purchase ,its just post like everyone does and you know that he only try to make a sale
3 I hope you understand my point ,this its the way to have succes
As an example just think when you are subscribed to some people email list and you receive email from them and you see that they want to sell from beginning with no value ,you hate that email or you unsubscribe
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    Leading with value opens the doors with to opportunities .Put yourself in the customers shoes I agree.Hsving empathy is the word that describes that .

    Me personally I can't stand when people pitch me without giving value and building up the relationship but I have learned to cope with it .Even though they are spamming me I have the opportunity to educate and market to them.
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    That's obvious I think, of course we should be offering something that gives value to customers, but sometimes it's about how someone can make their product look more valuable than others even for the same one.
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    Great advice.

    When I first started a few years ago I also got this part completely wrong..

    I promoted a boring and useless pdf to people as a lead magnet and never even read this myself.

    When we first start in the make money online space we tend to think very selfish and forget the fact that our potential customers are real people with emotions and a brain..
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    Aside from providing value, you should also think of ways on how can your products/services will stand out from the rest. Competition is indeed tough.
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    Mindblowing thats a really great advice ,
    Everyone makes such mistakes and yes you are taking to point to point.
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  • Providing value is a must when it comes to generating trust, people must trust your content by seeing value in it, otherwise, you're just one more wacky ad or post people see every day on the internet. Content is way more important since people are exposed to a load of ads, links, offers & success shortcuts. As TobiMDD said, people do have brains, & a marketer need to catch up.
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    Give value, get new fresh leads everyday, stay consistent, have a positive attitude and you will do well.
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    Hello, If you want to earn money then should do a job. Every month you will get a fixed Salary.
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      Originally Posted by jasmeet aryson View Post

      Hello, If you want to earn money then should do a job. Every month you will get a fixed Salary.
      Absolutely correct, until the company goes broke, there is a crash in your industry/business/service, your countries currency goes into a hyperinflation spiral, you lose your temper with your manager and tell them something you regret...

      NO JOB is forever. Look around the world today.

      It is very important to make a plan to replace your salary with something that you personally can control.

      Go to Udemy or similar site. Pick a niche and get a skill. Learn it. Implement it. Make it yours.

      Hire yourself out. Make money with your new knowledge, here or in other forums.

      Learn code, how to write articles, how to be an accountant, how to do any dang thing online - just do it.

      Oh yes - find something you like and make it yours, then you will truly be alive.
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    Here more information given about the internet marketing it is more interesting and useful.
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    It's a good idea to review your content from a prospect's perspective, but it is best to let someone else do that for you. We can tend to have a bias that we don't want to get in the way of a good evaluation.

    One of a kind designs, no two ever alike, web design, print media design, logos, also turn-key websites to start your own business. www.FreelanceCreative.net

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    The secret of success in any business is as simply as this: do what you really like to do and do what you believe you are best in.
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    Nice post: Thanks spartan. : )

    Several years ago at a convention, when Eben Pagan asked Steve Jobs the secret of Apple's success, Steve looked up for a moment and said:

    "I think you've got to care."

    Think about that for a moment ... You have to really care about your purpose, ambition, and goal. You have to really care about your Visitors, Prospects, And Customers. Unfortunately, many People don't really care. They're not committed to really empowering/helping/serving People ... And are usually just interested in making money.

    However that simple mindset tip should be helpful. And, if you do really care, congratulations because you're on the path to amazing success. : )
    "Each problem has hidden in it an opportunity so powerful that it literally dwarfs the problem. The greatest success stories were created by people who recognized a problem and turned it into an opportunity."―Joseph Sugarman
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