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I'm all sorted now, thanks to those who emailed and pm'd me


I'm not sure if I should be posting this in the main forum, but couldn't see where else to put it. If it shouldn't be here, I'll delete. :confused:

I was going to post on Rentacoder, but thought I'd give a warrior a chance of the work.

I've used some pretty awesome people from this forum to design graphics for me, and I've not been disappointed yet.

So I thought I'd throw this open to any Warrior graphics artist out there who may be interested in taking on a project for me.

I'm going to be launching my new shopping cart very soon over at and I want to give as a bonus 10 shopping cart templates/themes. These will consist of a header, footer and background.

If you're interested in doing this work for me, pm me with a price and some samples of previous work.

Obviously graphics used should come from a reputable source, and all copyright will belong to myself once payment has been completed.

The header footer etc should be the same size as here

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