Rank these FB Ad Testing Dimensions

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  1. Creative
  2. Copy
  3. Audience
  4. Country
  5. Landing
  6. Offer
  7. Placements

How do you rank these testing dimensions in order of importance? What am I missing?
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    in order to get a "sale" you need a series of conversions to get there right? I dont rank one variable over another, I rank each step as a whole.

    So you have the AD or call to action first. so the text the image the color etc etc. If this aspect is NOT working... you need to figure out why - is it the audience, the placement, the copy, the image? If the bait is not working the rest will fail.

    So from there we goto the lander... does the text of the lander match the text of the bait? Where is the friction?

    And then lastly is the part that matters most right? the conversion...

    when I am starting a funnel I work these things out in specifically this order..i get the Bait right, AKA the traffic to the lander.. then I get the lander to do what it needs to do, and then I get the conversion aspect to convert. I DO NOT try ad changes things on 2 or all three levels. One piece at a time until i get it right. and then move onto the next step.
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    Ranking the Offer as the first.
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