Is there an option for an Amazon Seller to add a Promo-Code field on an Amazon Page ?

by Xarzu
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I wonder if something like exists or is offered to me as an option to use. As I get my Amazon store front set up, I think it would be very helpful to me and customers if I had the ability to include place on the page where someone can enter a promotion code or the name of someone who referred them to my product. The intention of this is to offer word-of mouth-advertising. I hoped I am explaining this feature using easy to understand terminology. Let me give you an example. You hear from time-to-time in a commercial on the radio or even in an ad on a web site to "add promo-code..." in order to get a discount or something. This, I assume, is a way to track the effectiveness of advertisement and which advertisers are doing a good job at driving traffic. That would be one good use. But I think another good use is to give word-of-mouth advertising a boost.
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    How would you expect to give a 'discount code' on an affiliate site where the price of the product is already fixed? Who is going to cover that discount for you? If Amazon bans you for violation of TOS it won't help to say 'someone on WF said I could do that'.

    As I get my Amazon store front set up

    From who the 'customer' belongs this discount NEED to ask questions of amazon, not on a general forum. GET the store front set up and operational and learn as you go. Amazon has full sites with 'how to' information and answers to questions...on forums you may get answers from people who know even less than you do about the topic.
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