Facebook for Business is Over?

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Facebook is going to be the worst place to do advertising for people who want to make money online.

In fact, while the ads cost is still raising up rapidly, the BAN of the business managers is spreading everywhere and often be completely blind.

I've red that a Facebook' employee has only 150 seconds to decide whether ban your ad or your BM, but as an example one of your video promoted could often be way more longer

The organic reach is almost inhesistent whilst the majority of the people on Facebook are there more for wasting time / entertainment, then to interact with a business.

The golden age of Facebook is definately over, in my opinion.

What do you think is now the "next" golden rush in terms of platform to advertise for online marketers?

Youtube who is the second traffic site in the world?

Tiktok rapidly increasing day by day?

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    Well, in my opinion, where the Facebook Business manager is still running those areas can take a have the benefit of it.
    I totally agree that pick a potential audience from that big crowd is difficult but there is a great chance to get a huge amount of audience. other than this Facebook Business manager is a lot easier platform for beginners or those who don't want to dive deep into digital marketing.

    I also agreed with the increment of the ad cost.

    Taking about other platforms, Youtube is also a great place for marketing purposes. It's a bit costly than Facebook but it is a great platform.
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    I hear you on FB ... out of curiosity, have you personally experienced what you consider unfair / rash treatment from them? There are many anecdotes around this - some fairer than others - but curious as to whether a specific experience prompted your post?

    One challenge here is that they're sort of unique (among social platforms) in their focus on actually doing the work of building business tools for marketers to use on flagship FB + Instagram (their self service UIs, general targeting, and ROI remain several legs ahead of most other social competitors imo).

    It's more niche, but Snapchat has made some nice progress here, and TBD on TikTok, which is certainly the fastest-growing new kid on the block. Depending on what your business is, the age-old strategy of using these platforms to develop / grow your own list/website seems as relevant now as ever also...
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    Well in my opinion yea it become more and more dificult but its not over .For ads you need to be as profesional as you can as fb sort ads by quality .And for people you can also target them on fb groups if you give them great value and something diferent from other people
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    I found the trick to this is not to directly target or say "make money online." I found that if you dance in the grey area, a broader topic, for example, I generally teach about ad research, messenger bots, and some things along those lines, BUT I never outright say "make money online" or say that you can quit your job. I let the audience decide that for themselves, and I only promote the words "make money online" when they get with me one level deeper, say, subscribed, joined my FB group, follow me on instagram.

    So, from the outside, they just see you as a helpful person with a lot of knowledge, but on the deeper level, you want to be pushing the "make money online" mindset.

    Does that kind of make sense?
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    That is why you must have multiple streams of traffic.

    If FB or Google shut you down, then what?

    A lot of smart marketers have many places that they get their traffic from.
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      For sure. And direct traffic/customer relationships seems to become more valuable every year...
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    On Facebook, a lot of people continue to run Facebook as much as they used to go, but the youth of today is going on other social media, and the matured people, they mostly do it on Facebook and ADS on Facebook and It aims to target the public, which is matured, Facebook ADS is an important way even today. And this is part of an online marketing.
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