ClickBank PUBLISHERS: Something to be careful about...

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Hola People,

I'm developing some stuff for ClickBank and figured I'd share something I just found out.

When you're filling out information to go in their MarketPlace, do not use the "|" symbol to try and be different.

EX: this | that | and | the | other

Now, I "may" be mistaken; BUT, what I found is that out of 7500 products (currently) in the CB MarketPlace all of the Vendors using the "|" symbol in either their product/service Title and/or Description had terrible Gravity.

My Theory...
ClickBank recently released a script which parses their XML feed which spits the data out into a data file which is delimited by the "|" symbol.

I'm sure there are more than a few using this script and IF importing to something 'after' using the script the extra "|" symbols will prevent those products/services from being imported correctly.

If error reporting isn't being used; (or the developer or user just doesn't wanna take the time to correct the syntax); those products/services will just be "dropped".

Normally, I wouldn't think much of this but there were some decent products/services in that batch that would have been dropped due to the use of the "|" symbol; yet, (like I said above), the Gravity SUCKED.

So, just some info for you guys to think about.

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