Who's gonna "TWITCH" for Business? Any values in the Twitch platform for Make Money Online Niche?

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Twitch is becoming more and more popular every day.
Millions of users streaming online, lots of interactions etc...

Does it have any worth for online marketing business? Or it's only for gaming and young teens?

Have you ever tried to stream giving tips, guides, in making money online niche, for lead generation purpose? Any results?

How about uploading pre-made videos as live videos? Could it work like youtube?
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    I say go for it. Especially if you can repurpose content.

    I am in a mostly male niche (maybe 90%) and marketers always said don't waste time on Pinterest it is mostly women. Well guess what, none of my competitors are there and I dominate. It is my second biggest traffic source.

    Don't forget almost every twitch streamer is trying to make money online!

    Your target audience is there. Start with videos that will appeal to them.
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  • Depends on your product. A lot of gamers and influencers are have online businesses. It would make sense to market there.
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    It's possible! Discord was used primarily for Gaming back in the day. Now there are TONS of paid subscription model groups for things like Stocks, Crypto, and the likes!
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    Twitch is massive in terms of time spent among young (and even 18-34 y/o) men. Bigger at this point on that demo than most if not all traditional TV networks. Gaming certainly dominates there (traditional sports have been broadcast there as well, to a much smaller audience), so expectations in the bizop niche should probably be tempered, but like others here have said, there *are* a lot of entrepreneurs on there, too ... and not a lot of downside to a series of experiments...
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      some 2020 Twitch stats just released by an SVP of theirs, in case anyone's interested:

      • Average daily visitors: 26.5 Million

      • Average viewership at any given moment: 2 Million+

      • Unique creators streaming each month: 6 million+

      • Minutes watched in 2020: 1 Trillion

      • In 2020, Twitch creators and their communities have raised over $83 million for charity, which beats 2019's $56 million.

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    It's a great opportunity for PAID ADS case studies

    If you can show your FB ad marketing campaigns making BANK in real time as you stream to fans, you can earn via

    - more book sales
    - more course sales
    - DFY sales
    - service contracts

    It's definitely not a place for "fake it until you make it" - people are going to be watching for results... IN REALTIME

    Want To Make More Money Online? Invest in BETTER CONTENT!
    Articles - Blogs - Authority sites - Ecommerce descriptions - Emails - Youtube video scripts - AFFORDABLE RATES!
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    I would say it depends on the style of your streaming.
    Twitch has grown a lot. But as a platform is mostly focused on various entertainment forms, generally gaming and also asmr/ jamming music etc. Generally most of the viewers and their interactions are based on the streaming the entertainment.
    If you want to draw audience to your specific niche you need to have something eye-catchy or interesting to people. Then the promotion can work
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    I have seen twitch commonly used for streaming live games and streamers earn money from them. For business, I don't see it as useful as creating a youtube channel
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    Clubhouse is kind of the live-business version of twitch, but audio only.
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