A personal va to make me money. Show me whats best.

by phu
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Hello Warriors,

Can you suggest any beneficial work for a part time va would do on a daily basis to keep busy, unbored and in the flow of things.

so far i have a routine set up for day to day activity for traffic that would help with getting more immediate sells and boost rankings. I have 2 va working part time soon, at 4 hours each. I didnt want 1 va at full time, cos you never know if he/she can devote the whole 8 hours for you. do you reckon they can achieve all this work in 4 hours?

to get the best results for a paid va service, what is the best way to get the best results for managing the whole process? I aim to make sells as they submit daily. which has worked before when i hired a boy to submit for a week and i got sells daily then it paused for while. I plan to subscribe to a backlink finding tool related to the niche for them to use.

i wander how long it takes to submit up to 30 profile links using roboform. I wander if im missing something.

thankyou for your input.

1 submitting backlinking packs. 30 profile links.
2 blog commenting 20 comments.
3 video commenting 8 comments.
4 contacting webmasters for swapping links. target 10 sites.
5 adding keyword links affiliate products to the site.
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