5 Freelance jobs where you can earn 100,000 or more.

by DWolfe
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Interesting post on CNBC today that looks like it is worth sharing. - https://www.cnbc.com/2021/02/02/5-fr...-pandemic.html

"This year 1 in 4 Americans will be working remotely and by 2025, that will rise to 1 in 3 or 36.2 million people, according to Upwork's

" Keep in mind, however, that the term "remote work" can mean anything from working remotely just a few days a week (and the rest in the office) to being 100% remote."

If you are serious and have the skills, or want to learn them. Take a look at the list. Two of them are topics discussed on this forum.

Note - None of this is get rich quick or click the shinney button tricks.
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    Thanks for sharing. Like you alluded to, some heartening context in there on average hourly rates for a few different marketing freelance jobs that underscore their strong demand.

    Fwiw, at the bottom of the article, CNBC links to an other article, titled "the ultimate side hustle guide," which has some useful guidance (accounting, tax tips, etc) for anyone embarking on a new one:

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    Just judging by posts on REDDIT, many people who get SEM/SEO jobs turnaround and OUTSOURCE their work to agencies or other freelancers-most of them overseas.

    They hold down several 'jobs'

    Not a bad idea.... but you have to find the right 'partners' to pull it off.
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      Originally Posted by writeaway View Post

      Not a bad idea.... but you have to find the right 'partners' to pull it off.
      Picking the right partner is critical or you could end up with, what happened to this poster - https://www.warriorforum.com/beginne...echniques.html

      If someone is really Serious the article states they make $66.00 an hour. Great for any newbie that wants to spend the time and effort to learn it. They can go find those outsourcing the work and be the provider.
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    you have to find the right 'partners' to pull it off.

    ...and the organizational skills to keep it going.
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    Note - None of this is get rich quick or click the shinney button tricks.
    Sadly, some people think that freelancing is a get rich quick scheme. I blame those celebrity/influencer digital nomads who only post travel pics. They never mention the hours of work you have to put in, the stress of trying to beat deadlines while looking for the next gig or how unreliable the internet connection is in these picturesque locations.
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    Thanks for sharing such a good post with us. I think remote work is not a bad deal.
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    Interesting and Insightful info.

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    Very encouraging post indeed. Remote work is being popular now-a-days, specially in the covid situation. If it happens, it would mean a new trend in the job area. Thanks.
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    Remote work is definitely the work of the future. Many switched to this type of work due to the pandemic. Now all that remains is to admire the beautiful cities of the world. [Link removed by Moderator]. I hope that when this madhouse ends, freelancing will remain as popular and it will be possible to travel a lot, enjoying the beauty and working at the same time.
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    Thanks for the insight!

    Being a freelancer myself, I always tell people that remote work/freelance is not all unicorns and rainbows. I always end up working more hours that I'd be at a regular job. And you should always be reachable at all times. So remote work def has its pros and cons.
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