How did you land your first customers?

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If this has been asked before, well, I'll ask it again. Also, what has worked for you whenever you land a new customer?
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    That's long time ago.
    I land my first customers by email.
    Spreading funny videos clip with water mark branding.

    But no more today,
    Because need to find something new everyday to make a new funny video.
    Brain & Time Consuming too much.

    Tips :
    If you're planning to do it right now.
    Make sure do not spam or tell people to share.
    Just make your videos worth to share & your videos viewers will keep increasing in the first half year.
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    I got my first customer from this forum haha.

    I guess the key is to not focus on the outcame and just be a valuable part of the community and to help people.
    And when you then present them the right offer and lead them through a smooth sales process it simply converts people into customers.
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    I received my first customers through organic traffic methods.

    When I started out I didn't have the money to be paying for traffic so I used Organic methods. Facebook groups, forums, blogs, etc.

    I believe these are a great way to get a start. Not long after that, I started using paid Facebook ads because they are easy to learn and use!
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    I landed my first online sales via Facebook Ads. I didn't stick long on Facebook Ads as it can become a nightmare with expenses and bans etc.

    Now I'm using solo ad traffic and building my list.

    The feeling of the first sale will forever be cherished though. LOL.
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    Total fluke.

    I was practicing Japanese business card etiquette with a friend and he saw my job title was "Video Editor." He asked if that applied to home movies and I told him that's exactly the business I was starting.

    Made a sale on the spot. Unfortunately it was the first of three before I was forced to close up shop.
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    I used Solo Ads traffic to land my first custommer

    But one thing i don't really like solo ads traffic is that

    subscribers are not really ACTIVE after they got into my list
    If compare with leads that i got from another platform like Facebook, google or bing
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    I know how difficult it is to attract customers to your business. Especially when the large marketing competitors are spending huge on digital advertising. I have shared few strategies which can help to attract customer on your website.
    Start your business blog.
    Establish a social media presence.
    Email prospects.
    Use the strategies I have shared above to find and keep the first customers for your startup or small business.
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    Blogging and Adsense
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    Fiverr, back in the day Opened my eyes to the fact that there *are* high quality clients on gig economy sites amidst all the "bottom feeders", and price is far less important to them than being able to trust that someone will repeatedly produce high quality work that meets their needs (impt to align clearly on what those needs are)
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    There was a time all you needed was Bump money for your WSO and you were living large.
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    I got mine, through a Forum, I believe, not this one, but from memory that sale led to this forum.

    Now I use emailing primarily, through BTC advertising and reading through this forum, might look at Facebook Groups again, but use them the right way

    Read the reviews on list building & blog promotion, so you save time & money

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    Well when i start out i try youtube and ppd and there i achieve my first customer .I am not to proud of it because in that time majority of ppd files was fake like keygen ,hacks etc .Now i have a real business and i deliver to people what its promised
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  • I started getting my first customers from Facebook. I was joining different IT groups (because I started an IT-related business) and offered my services in DMs or comments. Then I started my own group and used FB promotional tools. Now I'm focused on attracting people to my website. Already invested a lot in making it adaptive and rapid, in the content quality. Also, I've been working with Awesomic for quite a while and they help me with the site design and ad banners. So, as you see I started with annoying ways of getting clients but ultimately it was worth it. It was kind of a jump start. I just needed a budget to promote my services properly.
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    from blogging and facbook ads

    Want To Learn Affiliate Marketing The Right Way?
    Click Here To Get Free Access To Our Free Course!

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    Youtube and still the best one!

    Hard time to keep promoting business? Don't worry!
    . . . . . Let me help cutting your ad production cost! . . . . .
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    I started a Twitter account posting affiliate links to cool gadgets, got it up to 3500 followers before I made my 1st commission lol
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    As a marketer, I talked to my insurance agent. Turned out, her husband had his own company and was looking to grow. Very easy sale.
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    I gained my first customer by giving out samples of the products for free in exchange for them giving me an email address and agreeing to join our social media group for more free information. By adding the person to our social media group, which is full of testimonials from other customers of follow team members that have already been in the business, it helped me to build trust in the products with the potential customers and also helped relationship building. This is the power of a team and networking working.
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    Hmmm. Depends what business you're talking about.

    As a Realtor, I got my first sales by contacting my sphere by phone and telling them about "shiny pennies" (great deals new on the market). Then, I moved on to pay per click Internet marketing which was relatively new in 2003 (remember and Overture).

    Regarding Internet marketing of digital products, I got my first big sale through Clickbank (a feat in itself). Then made many thousands right here on Warrior Forum, then JVZoo as both an affiliate and vendor with affiliates, and now on my own site selling things as both a product creator and affiliate.

    The how has always been the same:
    1. Put together a stupendous offer;
    2. Create a beautiful landing page from a template;
    3. Collect an e-mail address;
    4. Follow up, follow up, follow up, and;
    5. Sell.
    I try to be accessible and "real."

    My observation is that people don't need another "guru" they just want a friend they can trust online who won't stab them in the back. They want interaction. They want someone who's not taking themselves too seriously, who will treat them courteously, and not make them feel stupid, who will answer their questions.

    Some of my first (and best) customers came from right here who bought one of my products and them PM'd me and were surprised when I answered them back pretty quickly.

    I love to help people and especially new people.

    I'm on a mission to teach the younger generation about the power of leverage and scaling.

    All the best,

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    I landed my first customer in the online world by running Facebook ads to my Shopify dropshipping store, which was around in 2017. I sell products from AliExpress at that time with my general store. That was truly my first feeling that I felt amazed getting order internationally LOL
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