Ideas for WordPress Developers

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Build WordPress websites based on a specific theme. Build at least one website in one week by using different niches. For example, restaurants niche, using various themes and plugins and list down all the stuff in your video details and other media.
• Theme name
• Plugin name
• Other tweaks
• Tools for video editing, image editing.

1. You can make a video of it by using any tool for a screen-cast
2. Explain features and navigate through all pages of the website
3. Portfolio niche can be another example.

After your video is ready, then start posting on different social media channels.
Post on Youtube and brand yourself as a WordPress developer or website creator

1. Create a single order page / landing page
2. Select type of website from the list
3. Request form for the customize quotes
4. Take some screenshots as an image and post on the followings
a. Instagram
b. Pinterest
c. Create a Facebook fan page
5. Post on Facebook
6. Post weekly once on all channels for about six month
7. Collect the idea of whole month
8. Create videos/images for entire month content
9. Schedule content for social media
10. Ask your followers to suggest the different niches or even different Create a community of fans/followers
11. Create an article out of this plan and post it on other websites.
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