Anyone Here Use DLGuard?

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I have not been here in a dog's age and I can't find a tech problems sub forum. So if this is in the wrong place, please, just tell me what forum to post this in and I will delete this post and create another one.

Short and to the point. I have been using DLGuard for 14 years. I have never had a problem with it. Suddenly, today, I can't login to the admin area. I get a 500 server error. I had a similar problem earlier on one of my blogs. After disabling all the plugins, I got it working. But I don't want to mess with DLGuard because I don't know the internal workings of it as well as Wordpress.

So, does anyone here use it (I am sure many do) and if so, is it working for you. If it is, the problem is probably located within my hosting. I use Hostgator.

Any info that anybody can give me will be appreciated. In the meantime, I have a support ticket in to Sam.

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