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Hi! My team and I are looking into using QR codes more frequently. I was wondering if anyone had any good sites that they recommend? The 2 big things we are looking for are:
1) customizations (colors, logo, etc.)
2) ability to track the data of the code
Obviously we would love to use something free...if that exists at all
Thank you!
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    QR-Code Monkey is the Best site to create QR codes.
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    Hey go check out this tool box it's the best out there you use it for meny other things
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    Believe Beaconstac and QR -
    Code Generator also have decent free tiers.
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    Best sites to create QR code are:
    1. Visualead
    2. QR-Code Generator
    3. 3. QR-Code Monkey
    4. QRStuff
    5. QRickit
    6. QRTiger
    7. 8. QR Code API
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    I've been trying different QR Codes for my team as well and I would recommend that the best QR Code generator with logo is QRTiger. It also fits the requirements you're looking for.
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