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Social Media Today reports that one of the most noticeable video trends during the past several years has been the adoption of digital channels on our home TV sets. With an increasing number of people watching content through platforms like Netflix, Disney+ and HBO Max, more and more content gets streamed directly to the largest screen in their house.

And for long, TV advertising has always been considered the top ad reach option but also one of the most expensive. For most brands, that's meant TV just hasn't been on the table - however, now, YouTube is providing a back door to bigger screens for lots of advertisers. TV advertising is a more viable option all of a sudden, and perhaps unsurprisingly, the platform is adding more tools and features to cater to this usage as a result. Already, the world's top video platform have added new TV-specific targeting to its prominent Mastheads ads.

How many people are actually watching YouTube on their home TV sets?

Well, to answer that question, Social Media Today is bringing us a new report based on a survey carried out by eMarketer and media services and technology company Sightly. The study provides an overview of some key OTT consumption trends, and what it contains just might change your approach to digital advertising in 2021.

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    Great data - thanks! The time spent trends - particularly on television sets themselves - really speak to a blurring of the lines around what viewers consider "premium" or "TV worthy" content. A $5-$10 million-per-hour "premium" TV show from a professional studio now often loses, on a time spent basis, to far less costly fare from individual content creators. And on top of that we're seeing "premium" platforms like Netflix start to source some of their most popular material from YouTube (Cocomelon now one of Netflix's biggest shows).

    In many respects, it's a great time to be a non traditional animator or general content creator...
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    wow, it is great data
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    Always good to increase reach but YouTube also has a hell of alot misinformation they seem to ignore.

    You can see a title and hover over the video and tell it's Total Bull clickbait.
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  • I agree that ads tend to be shorter now but they seem to cram longer and more unskippable ads in each video. In some ways, we do YT like TV now. There are ads that I watch willingly. I don't skip them because they're interesting and relevant. The unskippable ads though, they're usually bad/boring/irrelevant.
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    Google hit pay dirt when it paid only 1.65 billion dollars to acquire Youtube.

    Talk about a BARGAIN!

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      What's also crazy is that Google reportedly only valued YT at $600-$700M at the time ... they reportedly added a billion dollar premium just to endure they landed the deal.
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