Need insights for Digital Marketing in the Philippines

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Hi, Warrior Forum.

I'm Ralph. I just joined today.

I need your expertise and insights for digital marketing in the Philippines.

I'm currently working on a go-to-market plan for a product that we will be launching. This product is a website that allows our customers to check and manage their accounts. They can also pay their monthly/quarterly/yearly bills through this website.

The initiative that me and my boss thought of is a targeted marketing campaign. This targeted marketing campaign will be composed of Email Marketing, Viber, and SEM. I'm working on a limited budget for this year and we don't want to go "full blast" yet.

I'm just wondering if anyone of you is familiar with the standard conversion rates of Email, Viber (or SMS), and SEM? I wanted to know what's the usual percentage (%) of clients who click on an ad, visit the website, and register/sign-up. I want to use this % as our goal to hit.

I've been trying to look for data everywhere but unfortunately it's data mostly from the US. I hope you can share your experience and expertise. I'm willing to learn.

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