Local Business Citations VS Google Maps Citations - What's The DIfference?

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I've been starting to see a bit more people offering "Google Map Citations" for maps optimization online. Reading through different pages from providers, there isn't THAT much information out there about it. Some people are offering "100" to "5000" Google Map Citations which supposedly increase rankings in the 3-pack. I still don't understand what it is or the process behind it.

Does anyone have any experience with this or have a link to a resource that explains in detail what this is and how it works?
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    Google Maps Citations are provided for Local SEO. Google Map citation is just simply mention of your business details on other website. If somebody is offering you 5000 Google Map citaiton means they will offer you 5000 business mentions.
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      Okay I understand that. But which websites? If the traditional "Top 30" or "Top 50" citation sites have already been done which sites are these GMB citations appearing on?
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      Thank you. I've read this. But it still sounds like regular business citations. what I hear about Google Maps Citations specifically, people refer to pinning on a map within a certain radius from the business location. It's something completely different. I've only seen a few businesses provide this service. Some are on Fiverr and I found a couple of independent people in Google search but that's about it. Does anyone have any examples of what this looks like?
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