Marketing Land: Please don't fill new channels with bad creative

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A new article on Marketing Land reports that TechStyle Fashion Group's COVID-19-inspired pivot might be considered rare in a world where marketers say most ads are lackluster and repetitive.

Marketers have been working in a pandemic world for a while now, and it's an environment where digital channels are all they've got. But delivering results via a new channel depends on how strong your content game is. But how quickly do you need to adapt? Aubrie Richey is vice president of customer acquisition and media at TechStyle Fashion Group:

"Almost overnight. We had to rapidly adapt to understand how to get the perfect photo, social media ad or commercial from home, all with the added challenge of developing relatable marketing content for a consumer base experiencing altered life experiences in response to the pandemic."
TechStyle manages fashion brands like JustFab, FabKids, and Savage X Fenty. The company started sending production equipment to influencers and brand ambassadors during the pandemic, so they could build their own "mini-studios" at home. Richey says:

"Our brands began leaning into our vast libraries of influencer-generated content, and ensuring that our influencers had the equipment needed to develop their own content. Our brands rethought core campaigns and key holidays, shifting messaging to be more resonant to consumers who may be adopting a Zoom holiday celebration or more low-key family gatherings. We found that these shifts in strategy resonated with consumers across brands and that by developing relatable marketing content, we were actually strengthening our consumer base."
The massive increase in channels during COVID-19, however, means a huge amount of content is needed:
  • Nearly 69% of the 250 marketers recently surveyed by creative automation provider Celtra say ads are far too repetitive. In fact, 63% concluded that "very few brands are doing creative ads right now."

TechStyle has committed itself to being one of the few. Richey says the company adapted to consumers dwindling interest in workplace and street styles in favor of more quarantine-appropriate athletic wear and loungewear:

"Each of our brands had to take a reflective look at how to adopt their various marketing strategies to their respective 'new' consumers."
The survey also found:
  • 73% of marketers use Facebook and/or Instagram "the most to engage with their customers." This was followed by email, at 55%, and 35% through Twitter.
  • Only 12% of marketers said they use TikTok the most, which is at least an indication that brands with similar audiences see opportunities to expand through that channel.

TechStyle has made TikTok a priority in 2021:

"Our teams saw a gap in TechStyle's social media presence, and have created a new virtual challenge to grow and scale our presence on TikTok. The challenge asks employees to express their brand pride and get involved with the content creation process, all while creating relatable ads for our members."
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