The Seven Best Tools for Structured Data (Schema) Testing & Execution

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A new article on Search Engine Journal reports that Schema markup can help Google better understand your content. These seven structured data tools make it easier to do everything from creating and testing to executing.

Structured data (or schema) can be a real challenge, but it helps Google better understand your content as it seeks to provide the best results to searchers based on their intent. The better your data, the better you'll rank - it's just how Google works. So, which tools can you use to make using schema less of a chore? Here's seven of the best out there:
  • Schema App is the most comprehensive tool out there. The author thinks it sometimes overwhelms with too much information, but overall, it's the best all-rounder available.
  • Merkle Structured Data Tool: When the author needs to quickly generate some basic structured data such as organization or FAQs, Merkle's structured data tool is ideal. Apparently, the only drawback is it only lists basic structure types and does not have any comprehensive structured data, vocabularies, glossaries, etc.
  • Hall Analysis: The author says this tool can quickly generate structured data but is limited to only local business, person, product, event, organization, and website. You also have to copy and paste the code into Google's structured data tool and test it to make sure it works.
  • The RankRanger Structured Data Tool offers a good variety of structured data types to test, including COVID-19 special announcements. It also allows you to copy, reset, validate, and test your structured data.
  • The Chrome Structured Data Plugin is a must-have if you want to see if structured data is present on the page as you browse different websites for auditing, research, etc. From the plugin, you can test in Google, see if there are any errors or warnings, copy the data in the table, and more.
  • Google's Structured Data Testing Tool provides one of the best ways to test structured data. The Structured Data Tool is the best tool to test structured data and see what warnings and errors the tool finds for your code. Simply either enter a URL or copy and paste your code into it.
  • Google's Rich Results Tool is a good tool to see whether your page will support rich results by entering a URL or code. It offers the option to test with Google smartphone or Googlebot desktop and will then tell you if your webpage is eligible for rich results.

There is far more information about the tools featured, as well as some advice about using schema to improve your ranking, in the original article. I highly recommend heading there for a read if that's something you might find of interest!<
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