Google's John Mueller Explained Inconsistent Discover Traffic

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A new article on Search Engine Journal reports that referral traffic from Google Discover is likely to alter, and Search Advocate John Mueller explains why that is.

Google's John Mueller tells us why Google Discover traffic is likely to be inconsistent from one day to another during a recent Google Search Central SEO hangout. One site owner asks why traffic fluctuates so significantly when they make no site changes. Mueller says fluctuating traffic is not caused by anything in particular:

"It's really hard to say without looking at the site. But in general, when it comes to Google Discover, one of the things that I've noticed from feedback from folks like you all is the traffic tends to be very on or off. Our systems might think it makes sense to show this more in Discover, and then suddenly you get a lot of traffic from Discover. And then our algorithms might at some point say it doesn't make sense to show it that much in Discover anymore and then the traffic goes away."
Mueller also explains that traffic from Discover isn't query-specific:

"And especially with Discover it's something which is not tied to a specific query. So it's really hard to say what you should be expecting because you don't know how many people are interested in this topic or where we would potentially be able to show that. So that's something where, if you do see a lot of visibility from Google Discover, I think that's fantastic. I just would be careful and kind of realize that this is something that can change fairly quickly."
Mueller points to the Google help center for finding more information about Discover and traffic:

"Additionally we also, for Discover, we have a help center article that goes into what kinds of things we watch out for. And, in particular, what kind of things we don't want to show in Discover. So that's something that you might want to double-check. Depending on the site you have, that's something that might be more relevant or less relevant. But I would definitely check that out."
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