YouTube's Bite-Size "Clips" Rolls Out In Beta, Plus Other News

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A new article on Search Engine Journal says that YouTube is rolling out a new short-form video sharing feature called Clips. Using this new feature, you can clip out, assign a title and share 5-60 second clips from an existing video or live stream.

The new feature is currently in beta, and only available to a selected number of gaming channels. Users can only find this upgrade when on desktop or an Android device for now. It's also unavailable for children's content, live streams over eight hours in length, premiers while they're still live, and content that has been deleted, set to private, or that violates community guidelines. Here's some other news from the social media universe.

Google Ads Phrase Match Expands

Say goodbye to Broad Modifier Match, and Hello to expanded Phrase matching. That's because Google Ads is doing away with Broad Match Modifiers. The move makes total sense seeing the state of matching, but advertisers need to be wary that "Phrase" match will begin to perform differently.

Facebook Announced Testing of New Topic Exclusions for Advertisers

Facebook just announced it will soon start testing topic exclusions with a selected set of advertisers. This solution allows advertisers to stop their ads from appearing next to certain topics on the News Feed. They'll be able to pick from a list of topics for what they would like to show up next to - this will signal to Facebook where they should show ads. Facebook says this test will take most of 2021 to complete in order to safeguard user privacy.

Google's "About This Result" Feature Gives More Information About Results in the SERPs

Google just launched an "About this result" beta feature. The feature shows up under a small menu icon, available on some search results. When selected, Google will give the user more information about the search result, with a description of the selected website from Wikipedia. In the absence of a Wikipedia article for the search result, Google will show other useful information about the site, like when it was first indexed.

Instagram Begins Testing Removing the Option to Share Feed Posts in Stories

Instagram has begun to encourage users to post different content to their feed and stories. The platform is doing that by starting a test to remove the option for feed posts to be shared in Stories. Instagram says the reason for this test is complaints of too much repeat content between stories and the feed are commonplace. We're not yet sure if this change will become permanent.
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