Should Marketers be Considering the Potential of the Rising Social App Clubhouse?

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A new article on Social Media Today says Clubhouse is the hot new social app of the moment, sparking buzzy chatter among social influencers as well as a raft of FOMO-inducing tweets of Clubhouse conversation highlights. The app has been praised for its simplicity, and its capacity to facilitate real community and discussion - but the burning question for digital marketers is 'should this platform be on their radar?

Yet, is there marketing potential within the many rooms of the Clubhouse app? The answer mostly depends on your business and what you want to achieve. Here's a breakdown of the ins and outs of Clubhouse:

Clubhouse is an audio-only social app which enables people to host chat rooms that all users can join.

You can listen in, or you could speak as a participant in the chat. The central idea it's a virtual clubhouse. Users can browse discussions happening in each room, where they can also see who else is participating, and move in and out of chats.

It's a fairly simple concept, and Clubhouse has benefited from the major buzz around the app. That's seen it attract big-name stars, drawing even bigger crowds. Tesla founder Elon Musk made a recent Clubhouse appearance which broke the 5,000 person limit for a room. Even Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg recently joined a Clubhouse chat.

Clubhouse has gone from 600,000 active users back in December, to two million just over a month later. The app is currently invite-only, and that's served to further boost the hype around the app. The app is only available on iOS as things stand, although that will no doubt change soon. Clubhouse recently raised a new funding round on a $1 billion valuation.
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    I think there's potential here for sure. While I can get a bit of an "audio LinkedIn" vibe at the moment, and have seen too many Clubhouse rooms right now which seem to feature "thought leaders" I've never heard of who are ultimately promoting some form of high end coaching course or another, I do think it's a truly interesting tweak to social audio that has real promise and potential - for both marketers and consumers. Will be using and following closely...
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      For more on Clubhouse, I thought this week's Stratechery article ( was very thought provoking and worth a read. In it, Thompson suggests that, in success, Clubhouse has the potential to do to podcasts what Twitter did to blogging. He contends that, by being 1) more accessible, 2) aggregating creators and consumers in one place in a way that incentivized more creation, and 3) being more interesting than blogs by virtue of its easily-consumable stream featuring a wide variety of creators, Twitter "all but killed" blogging (obviously there are notable exceptions) and wound up as the longtail aggregator of a few format of "blogs," while expanding the market for folks publishing text.

      In a similar vein, he believes Clubhouse could both democratize and transform podcasts, by making audio content creation and participation dramatically easier to do. Its live nature is well suited to certain categories of content, and the fact that it's audio is key, as it's a format that doesn't require much/full concentration. The real key, of course, "will be in honing its algorithms so that every time a listener opens the app they are presented with a conversation that is interesting to them ... (in order to ultimately provide) the same mindless escapism for background audio" (as Twitter and TikTok do for text/video)
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  • This app is great for marketers because there are currently around 1 million users already on this platform, and at any given time, there are a few thousand rooms where people from around the world are holding conversations about different industries, professions, and interests.

    This is similar to podcasts, which are played on demand, but the interesting nature of Clubhouse's content plays on FOMO. The conversations happen live and aren't recorded for playback. If you're not in the room, you miss what's happening. This means people are spending a lot of time on the app, anticipating and looking for conversations about topics they're interested in--whether to listen or share from the stage.

    If you're a marketer, I will go with the Gary V philosophy by trying this when it is still ground level. This presents an amazing opportunity to establish yourself as an authority and promote products, or services.
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  • Eventhough it's good for marketers. Many will still be jam-packed with information overload and get confused as to what to do.

    While many are running to Clubhouse to grab more information... Few are building more empire with the little they know.
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