Disruptive martech trends, and what a CDP fixes in Marketing Land's Friday daily brief

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This is Marketing Land's latest daily brief and it features insights, news, tips, and essential bits of wisdom for today's digital marketer. If you'd like to read this before the rest of the internet does, you can sign up by clicking through to the original article!

The first of the featured articles offers some great predictions for the future from leading Marketo specialist Jep Castelstein. He talks with Darrell Alfonso, who not only leads marketing operations at AWS, but is also a familiar face around the martech community:

Four disruptive, uncomfortable, yet inevitable martech trends

Jep Castelstein has some challenging views about where the martech space is headed. If he's right, then stand by for upheaval in the martech stack, and likely in marketing ops as well. For instance, he says that future marketing automation and email platforms will not have databases. With regard to CRM, Castelstein predicts it'll cease to be the center of the sales and marketing universe because it doesn't typically house invaluable, timely intent and product usage data.

B2C marketers feel pressure from consumers to earn their trust

Cross-channel marketing platform Iterable just released data concerning how B2C marketers have responded to 2020's big consumer push to have brands earn their trust. The survey found:
  • 87% changed their marketing strategies to better build consumer trust;
  • 47% of brands issued statements on racial inequality, 40% on public health;
  • Around a third of brands also issued statements on gender inequality and LGBTQIA pride;
  • While around half of respondents thought their brands could do more on social issues, 83% thought brands should remain politically neutral.

What is broken that a CDP will fix?

Pat Maigler is a marketing strategy and operations manager at Williams-Sonoma, and in an episode of MarTech Live, he identified the same redundancy in multiple data silos as Jep Castelstein did in the earlier article. He said that marketers generally have:

"Their own purpose-built endpoint systems. I'm not sure that a lot of CDPs will replace the email engines that are being used. If you're already using somebody like LiveRamp as an onboarder, and they're syndicating to Google, Facebook, Pinterest and other partners, well -- what do I really need?"
Marketing Land's Quote of the day from Neil Sweeney, Ceo of Freckle:

"Tech doesn't choose cities...Tech is geo agnostic, and the notion of an HQ is just paper matched to a tax-efficient jurisdiction. The cities that are attempting to 'attract' companies are chasing a ghost."
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