What do you guys think of traffic exchanges to promote a fiverr gig?

by szaby
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What do you guys think of traffic exchanges like traffup via a Twitter account? To promote a logo design gig on Fiverr? Can you do it successfully
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    If you were looking for a logo designer - would you go to a traffic exchange site to find one?
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      No, I will not go to the traffic exchange website to find a logo designer. Like the clothing business I am developing, all my logos are provided by suppliers. They can provide customized logos, labels and other services, which can help me solve the problem of logos. Trouble, they are a very worry-free supplier. I have been cooperating with them for many years. It can be said that FashionTIY is my best partner.
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    Traffic exchange are only good to increase your Alexa.Nothing more nothing less
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      They are actually not good for this as Alexa alogrithms don't count framed views.
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    True story, Traffic exchange is very bad.
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    Social Media can be used to bring views and click but i don't think they can be converted in leads....
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    You can cross promote but I think the simplest thing to do is to drive traffic to a landing page collect their emails and follow up from there
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    For me.. exchanges traffic looks like you are sending boot traffic.
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    Many traffic exchange platforms send clickbot traffic


    It's very easy to fake clicks

    You end up exchanging REAL traffic for fake clicks

    As a logo designer, your best bet is to partner up with website design firms and become their logo vendor/subcontractor

    This research and outreach takes a lot of work and patience

    You can put in a few weeks of your spare time into it or you can hire a VA to do it for

    Just do yourself a favor and don't hire VA's on an hourly basis

    Sure way to get ripped off

    Instead, hire based on quotas - if they don't deliver the quota, they agree you don't have to pay them

    Find quota workers by messaging service providers on Fiverr or upwork and convince them to work based on results

    Alternatively, you can try quota-based VA platforms like LXN interactive or Cognoplus or some other 'pay only for results' systems

    Regardless, make sure your instructions are clear and your deliverables are CHALLENGING but achievable. This way you squeeze maximum value out of every penny you spend.

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    Most traffic exchanges send very poor quality traffic I tested about 5000 visitors to a CPA offer not even 1 lead and the payout was around $1... lol
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    I don't think about them
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    you can try but I believe it won't help you to achieve a success.
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    Not a good idea.

    Plus, Traffuc exchange websites don't usually convert at all to sales.
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    it is bot traffic and No sales, I advice you not using this traffic

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    Most users of traffic exchanges are beginners at Internet Marketing and have a small or no budget.
    I don't share the blanket 'don't use' view as this can be a good audience for certain kinds of offers or uses.
    The best use is to offer a quality free gift in exchange for a signup to your email list.
    Build a relationship with the prospect from there.
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    Not really , it wont increase your rankings..
    Better to get the reviews instead.
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    Better create a video to promote your gig on youtube, facebook and instagram.

    Hard time to keep promoting business? Don't worry!
    . . . . . Let me help cutting your ad production cost! . . . . .
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      I was looking for an answer like this, this is better
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    Traffic exchange will not convert for fiverr gigs because is you ask me if I am thinking for a way to outsource will I go on traffic exchange site to look for such skills set

    ..i am recommending facebook for this type of offer or do a video on YouTube so that people can actually know what your offering or better capture clients leads and email them
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    Good on you for asking the question before spending your hard-earned money.

    Personally, I have never had good experiences on traffic exchanges. They tend to be very scammy, full of garbage, bots, and any other untargeted, uninterested, non-buying traffic.

    You have to consider who your buyers are and where are they hanging out.

    Do you have a particular niche that you do logos for?

    Are you building a list?

    Do you have a free report like, "5 BIG MISTAKES Business Owners Make When Creating A Logo To Represent Their Brand..."

    Connect with business owners.

    Find someone with no logo (or a HORRIBLE logo that needs to be redesigned) and give them an over the top redo for free (and get a testimonial).

    My best traffic has come from partnerships with website owners in complimentary fields where I offered their list something valuable for free or very low cost. We exchanged e-mails (called an "endorsed e-mailing"). He sent mine to his list and I sent his to my list.

    Some of these folks are still with me and open my offers after years.

    And it doesn't cost anything to do this.

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    All the best,

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    Give it a try. Many traffic exchanges have free options which only requires you to surf to earn your credits. One advice would be to use the ones that have low Alexa ranks, it means they actually can produce the traffic.
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  • Profile picture of the author Ram Meena
    Man, leave it. Just provide good service and get more clients for less amount for a starter. Once you will get a lot of reviews you can charge more and keep fewer clients.
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  • Profile picture of the author The Milk Man
    Not helpful - Having good reviews on fiverr would be the best.
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    Fiber jigs will not determine the location of traffic that you have to ask again I have to re-check I uploaded this kind of offer to Facebook or video on YouTube that could be something personal to you that your contribution or better customers can see and its Email.
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  • Profile picture of the author AffiliateAware
    I was using traffic exchanges back in 2008 when I first got involved with affiliate marketing. I thought it's a cool method to get traffic until I discovered that most of the clicks were from people who were clicking on some random ads on the internet for pennies. I believe you can do much better by promoting your gigs to your circle of people who know you in places such as facebook, instagram or twitter.
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  • Profile picture of the author Ram Meena
    Please create a video on your services on youtube and promote your gig. First, share free knowledge or educate people on how to do tasks. Still, people don't have time to follow learn to operate software or techniques but they will know that you know the work and will order your gig from the description link.
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  • Profile picture of the author Terry Jett
    1) Build a good solid site (recommend WordPress). Tons of tutorials and once you get one built, breeze for the next one. Good free SEO plugins with get you naturally ranked in Google + Bing.

    2) While you are building it, start thinking of the perfect domain name. For example: 5 dollar logo designer . com

    3) Get decent web hosting.

    4) Never stop learning, just rinse and repeat.

    5) Traffic Exchanges CAN work, but do not count on it.

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  • I wouldn't waste my time dealing with traffic exchange site to promote logos if you have something free to give way it could be a way to build your email list.
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  • Profile picture of the author Wit And Verve
    Traffic exchange sites are a big 'NO.'
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  • Profile picture of the author Richard Weberg
    If you do not have a web presence yet..?? You did not specify..

    if your truly want to build your business online, then this is what I would do. (This is what I do)

    1. Buy a domain name, use your business name, if not already taken. Also brands your business.
    2. Create a website/blog
    3. Produce good content (blog post) that solves a problem/through keyword research/optimize your content
    4. Put your optin forms and special offers, throughout your website/blog. So people who like your content can subscribe to your email list and blog
    5. Monetize your content through your businesses offerings in your content.
    6. Share this content (Your Blog Post) and syndicate them on social media. (Use social media to help build your email list and following).
    7. Interact more with people on social media, so more people keep seeing your content as you share it.
    8. Create a fan page and group under your business name on facebook. Post your content to them as well. Share your group and fan page in your profile on facebook.
    8. Email your list as it builds additional help full products and services from your business. Also share your facebook group with your subscribers.

    This the best way in my opinion to build your business online. Your website/blog (content machine) drives it all. And when done right will also produce you free traffic from the search engines that will drive additional subscribers and sales.
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  • Profile picture of the author maxsi
    Think about socialmedia and your business profile on socialmedia...

    1) do you know you can attract potential customers thanks to your main profile?

    2) create a FB group + attract targeted subscribers + deliver your fiverr inside
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  • Profile picture of the author Tufan Sarker
    I think review and right time delivery is the best from traffic to promote a logo design gig on Fiverr.
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  • Profile picture of the author fikenat872
    Most clients of traffic trades are novices at Internet Marketing and have a little or no spending plan.

    I don't share the cover 'don't utilize' see as this can be a decent crowd for specific sorts of offers or employments.

    The best use is to offer a quality unconditional present in return for an information exchange to your email list.

    Fabricate a relationship with the possibility from that point.
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  • Profile picture of the author allegandro
    I would not do it.

    I prefer to get 1 potential real client to my website than 10.000 visitors/bots that got paid to visit me.
    But then it also depends on what you sell.

    For me, I sell SAAS, a very specific product for online stores. When you come to our website and you're not into it, you have no idea what to do there and what you can buy. So the chance of conversion for me will be extremely low.

    Now on the other side, what if I have a very cool and trendy product with a very good ROI, plus it converts like crazy. Then it could be possible, still, I would not do it, but it could be.

    Still, if it converts well, I would invest my money in FB ads, Google ads, or any other solo ads, create an email list and so on.
    Struggeling with multiple supplier feeds?
    DoeeX solves it!
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  • Profile picture of the author Alex Babenkoff
    Don't waste your time with traffic exchanges.

    When you first start using Fiverr, you won't have a reputation on the site. Because of that, you'll need to stand out from the competition. The easiest way to do that is to deliver a product or service that has a higher perceived value than your competitors' products have. (For example if your competitors provide 1 logo for 5 bucks, you can provide 2 logos for the same price.)

    When you create a service with a high perceived value, you might have to put a little bit more work into the process. You can still make your money, though, with upsells.

    Basically, you need to treat Fiverr like a lead generation tool. Every time someone buys your product or service, you can generate a lead by using upsells for higher ticket items. You can have a lot of different deals, bonuses and upsell products.

    Remember that the initial purchase just gets people through the door. Keep that door open by selling them higher value products.
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  • Profile picture of the author Jignesh86
    Fiverr gets more than enough traffic on it's own, you will get lots of impressions of your gig is optimized, Fiverr's algorithm ranks gigs according to the numbers of reviews you get.
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  • Traffic exchanges are only beneficial to your Alexa ranking. There's nothing else to it.
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    I don't like traffic exchanges for promotion, may effect organic traffic, doesn't seem natural to Google.
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    Traffic exchanges are very inefficient. I recommend focusing on getting relevant traffic
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  • Profile picture of the author blueonblue
    Put yourself in the mind of the person looking for the logos. What would they use? Type in logo creation, and see all the paid and not paid ads.

    See if Fiverr gigs come up and see how many others on the platform you would be competing against.

    See if Fiverr itself is listing logo creation or individual gigs in that category. IF individual gigs, click on those gigs and check the wording, the look of the gig. Compare those featured gigs with those not featured and see what they are doing differently to get listed.

    Also, last time I looked Fiverr had a page on Facebook and they highlighted gigs. See how those gigs got featured for the day and do what they do, but better!

    Ask Fiverr what you can do to get on their blog, Facebook page, anything that they can use for promotion.

    Yes it might take a long time, but it is better than traffic exchanges where people just click on your offer to get more points, not caring about your offer. And most business owners are not even aware of their existence.

    Whoever planted that idea in your head is very old school and should stop advising people on ideas that were out of date when Windows XP was still around.
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