What do you guys think of traffic exchanges to promote a fiverr gig?

by szaby
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What do you guys think of traffic exchanges like traffup via a Twitter account? To promote a logo design gig on Fiverr? Can you do it successfully
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    If you were looking for a logo designer - would you go to a traffic exchange site to find one?
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    Traffic exchange are only good to increase your Alexa.Nothing more nothing less
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      They are actually not good for this as Alexa alogrithms don't count framed views.
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    True story, Traffic exchange is very bad.
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  • Social Media can be used to bring views and click but i don't think they can be converted in leads....
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    You can cross promote but I think the simplest thing to do is to drive traffic to a landing page collect their emails and follow up from there
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    For me.. exchanges traffic looks like you are sending boot traffic.
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    Many traffic exchange platforms send clickbot traffic


    It's very easy to fake clicks

    You end up exchanging REAL traffic for fake clicks

    As a logo designer, your best bet is to partner up with website design firms and become their logo vendor/subcontractor

    This research and outreach takes a lot of work and patience

    You can put in a few weeks of your spare time into it or you can hire a VA to do it for

    Just do yourself a favor and don't hire VA's on an hourly basis

    Sure way to get ripped off

    Instead, hire based on quotas - if they don't deliver the quota, they agree you don't have to pay them

    Find quota workers by messaging service providers on Fiverr or upwork and convince them to work based on results

    Alternatively, you can try quota-based VA platforms like LXN interactive or Cognoplus or some other 'pay only for results' systems

    Regardless, make sure your instructions are clear and your deliverables are CHALLENGING but achievable. This way you squeeze maximum value out of every penny you spend.

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    Most traffic exchanges send very poor quality traffic I tested about 5000 visitors to a CPA offer not even 1 lead and the payout was around $1... lol
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    I don't think about them
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    you can try but I believe it won't help you to achieve a success.
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    Not a good idea.

    Plus, Traffuc exchange websites don't usually convert at all to sales.
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    it is bot traffic and No sales, I advice you not using this traffic

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    Most users of traffic exchanges are beginners at Internet Marketing and have a small or no budget.
    I don't share the blanket 'don't use' view as this can be a good audience for certain kinds of offers or uses.
    The best use is to offer a quality free gift in exchange for a signup to your email list.
    Build a relationship with the prospect from there.
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    Not really , it wont increase your rankings..
    Better to get the reviews instead.
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