Apple CEO Tim Cook Just Went Viral In China After Giving Advice About Life, Work, and Purpose

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A new article on Forbes reports that Apple CEO Tim Cook recently appeared on a 22-year-old Chinese engineering student's video, attracting almost six million views - and over 220 million mentions on the more popular Weibo social platform.

"I really believe that 2020 was our top year of innovation ever, between the phones and the Watch and the iPads, and M1. There's no one formula for innovation, but what we do is we have a culture of creativity and a culture of collaboration. And these two things together, when they intersect, create enormous innovation."
Tim Cook also said that many of the Apple's iPhone features were inspired by China. Junction View in Apple Maps came about because of China's sometimes-complicated intersections.

"5G, in a lot of ways, was energized in China, because China is so far ahead in the coverage model for 5G."
The student also asked Cook about how Apple went about making phones easier for elderly people, to use:

"We try really hard to design our products for everyone. And we try very hard to design the product like the mind works, so you don't have to have an instruction manual: you can pick it up and it works the way that you would think it would work."
Cook also mentioned that Apple Store has courses. Then, he was asked about how young people can find jobs they actually like:

"My old boss Steve, said something very profound. You'll know it when you find it. And if you haven't found it yet, you should keep looking. Because you want the passion. You want to feel this passion that you're working for a good reason, that what you're doing matters in the world ... that is, you're making a difference in the world. And if you find that, it makes all the difference in the world. And you will know it when you find it because you will feel it. You'll be able to get up every morning and feel refreshed and charged up, ready to go again. And if you don't, you won't."
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