How 'Appointment Social' is Going to Drive Marketing Efforts During 2021

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This author on Forbes reckons social media has started to feel a bit repetitive during the pandemic, as companies and brands tend to always stick to the same strategies, and that means they just keep repeating themselves over and over.

The author says that events, contests, livestreams, and other timed posts and videos work better on social media. They're the stuff users mark on their calendars, but you'll need to make things like events noteworthy enough to merit attention.

Appointment social isn't a new thing by any means - and there is probably a good reason for that. People just like to be on time, and many will automatically tune in when they're told to tune in. In terms of the here and now, appointment social is an ideal way to target people stuck at home during COVID-19. We all need something to happen here and there to alleviate the boredom and routine.

"For any brand, you have to garner interest by making things multifaceted and interesting. A contest leads to a livestream which leads to a TikTok. Honestly, we're all so bored we might pay attention to just about anything as long as we know it is at a specific time on a certain platform.

The idea is to make something happen and invite people to participate using the apps they are already on all day long. People doom-scroll all day on Instagram, so you might as well give them a live video or a contest to participate in (but only if they hand over their email address starting at a specific time when the contest opens).

Livestreams on social media have risen and faded and risen again over the years in terms of their viability, but the one thing that will always be true about them is that they take place at a specific time. Users don't need to know they can watch the recorded version later, and real-time chat is the best kind of engagement ever."
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