New Forum, few sign-Ups!!

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I just wanted to ask you guys about the best method to get people to join my brand new forum, I tried hiring someone on Fiverr, there was really good traffic but no sign-ups
any Idea why is that? did I just buy bots?
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    People that join forums are already on forums. Find several forums that are similar to your new forum. Contribute to the forum. Add valuable content.

    Put a link to your forum (or a web page leading to your forum) in your signature.

    Don't join forums and just promote your forum. And don't talk about your forum in your posts. That's a good way to get banned.

    If you want new members that aren't already on forums, Youtube videos are great, free, and stay up forever. If your content is engaging, you'll get subscribers.
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    Forums are meet-ups for discussin' the key ishoos of the day.

    In Roman times they began as a means of distinguishin' between people preferrin' to put othahs to the sword ... an' evrywan else got us to where we are now (minus the togahs).

    Thing is, you can't jus' invent a forum less'n you figured FOR WHOM?

    Does your forum focus on a life-or-death inevitable?

    Or is it niche till your panties squeak when you breathe?

    Uhm ... what you here FOR?

    Does anywan wannit?

    Always a great place to start before you figure cool colors for your logo.

    Lightin' fuses is for blowin' stuff togethah.

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    Hey there.

    What is your forum about? Are you actively growing your Twitter/Instagram/Facebook pages?
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    Start a discussion. That will spark interest and people will signup.
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    I think it's better to 'hire facebook' to get traffic than to hire fiverr guys
    aka, get traffic from fb n other traffic sources is better I think
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    Yep like most people said here, use videos to promote your forum in youtube, facebook and instagram.

    Hard time to keep promoting business? Don't worry!
    . . . . . Let me help cutting your ad production cost! . . . . .
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