Anyone ever deal with a super affiliate?

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Something odd is going on lately with my affiliate program.

I was contacted about a month ago from an affiliate manager. I checked him out and he has a great reputation but I didn't think I could afford him. He raved about my services and said he believed in me but I could not afford him.
Then I tried to join some affiliate networks he had mentioned he was going to put me and they declined me.

Then out of the blue I hear from a guy asking about my affiliate program and one of my services. We emailed a few times and played some phone tag and finally I checked him out and I found out the guy is a rather well know super affiliate. He's lectured at some affiliate seminars and stuff.

Now to my question. Is it normal for a super affiliate to request an exclusive agreement with me? Like limit the affiliate networks I can join and specific names of other affiliates I cannot sign up? I already agreed to give this guy his own commission rates.
Also does anyone know if affiliate managers and super affiliates and affiliate network owners get together to sort of "rig the game"?
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    I doubt anyone is "rigging the game" but part of what makes someone a super affiliate is great sales and negotiating skills.

    Personally I'd place a volume requirement on the exclusivity deal. Ie he has to refer X sales a month or it's no longer exclusive. If he's genuine then he shouldn't have a problem with this. Otherwise he's asking you to absorb all the risk while he sees all the upside.
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      Thanks man, we have already discussed goals and benchmarks and time tables. That seems to be standard. They're doing testing right now.

      I knew I would not be able to explain my question correctly because I don't want to go into too much specific detail.
      The thing is that its just way too coincidental for this guy to be contacting me on the # and email that he did unless either the affiliate network or the affiliate managger and I think one of them either knew or told the affiliate netwrok to deny me.
      In fact I think they are all in this together.
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