Putting a YouTube video on a web site --- for a price

by chrisj
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If a businessperson wants to pay me to display his youtube video on my site, would you tube have a problem with that?
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    No, YouTube would not have a problem with that, assuming the businessperson owns the rights to the video content then it will be fine...
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    Nope. That's fine. Many people already do that.

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  • No they won't. You can display it on your website.
    YouTube made the embedded link available because they support it and wants to reach wider audience.
    So, feel free to display the videos.
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    No, as long as the original content creator actually owns the video.
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    Originally Posted by chrisj View Post

    If a businessperson wants to pay me to display his youtube video on my site, would you tube have a problem with that?

    If you are going to embed the video into your webpage by means of standard (official) YouTube code, it won't be a problem.

    You'll have a problem if that video (I mean the actual MP4 file) will be uploaded to your own host and displayed via a 3rd-party media player.
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  • Yep, as others have said, as long as it's truly their video, and the upload is done above-board, you're good. Helps contribute to YT watchtime while paying you = sounds like a winning combo to me
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    no, it'll increase the overall views of the video you embed on your blog which helps the video rank high in youtube
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    not a problem to your website. But you need to mantain Quality text in your webstie.
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    No, It'll be fine. Because the businessperson will get the views and watch time from their source.
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    I host a bunch of videos now. OK, so the biggest problem is that You Tube will remove videos for no reason. Then you have a blank or broken screen. Wish that this were not so. Videos need watching as Google does not like scandals any Keeping track of them is a pain.
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    Thanks for all the replies. along the same lines as my question, I'm interested to get feedback on this ;
    A fairly popular video web script, to use to set up a video website, has features where you set up your own video channels where people can subscribe to them. It has a feature to "easily import videos from YouTube, Dailymotion, and Vimeo". I asked the developer: "how can you make money from importing YouTube videos, isn't it against the YouTube terms to sell viewing youtube videos?" The reply was "if it is against Youtube terms why do they offer import APIs"? I look forward to your comments
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    No, their embed feature is available for a reason.. As long as you have the rights, or technically, YouTube has the rights to their content, then you can embed it wherever you'd like.
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