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Hi all,

I'm making an Instagram account to promote my company.

Instagram is perfect because I have a family member who is an avid photographer and willing to give me tons of free images. These are really good landscapes, wildlife photographs,etc

1) Is it a good idea to use these pictures to add value and make my target audience want to subscribe? If so, how do I integrate photos of my product, manufacturing, etc in with the outdoorsy shots? I'm going be developing a product over several months, so I'd like to post pictures like "Hey everybody. Look at these awesome component samples which just arrived!", "Check this awesome stress testing I'm working on!", etc.

Should I just setup a social media software to post a nice shot every 48 hours and insert business related pics as I get them? I'm an acceptable photographer myself so I should be able to get some nice photos.

2) Is it going to be a big problem that the shots were previously taken? For example, would it be a bad idea to post a winter landscape in the summer? The images are all original and not posted elsewhere.
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    Well, with Instagram, it's all about using the correct hashtags.
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    Do these outdoorsy pictures mesh with your brand and product? Will the pictures appeal to your target audience eventually your customer? If you have answered yes to both these questions then definitely go ahead with posting.
    The first step is to define your customer/customers in as much detail as possible and then create content which speaks to them.

    It's also important to remain consistent with a few key themes and keep the overall asthetic uniform. It's a good idea to google "best Instagram pages" to get an idea of what others are doing right.
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    Hey Andrew!

    1) Yes - definitely do that! You can use free tools like to create some awesome images, combining both your product and outdoor shots as you've described. I would also post more regularly than 48 hours when you're building initial traction. Use a software or bot to automatically follow others interested in your topics and remember those hashtags! I do a lot of paid traffic, but I think Instagram organic is underrated, for sure.

    2) Nope - I can't see that being an issue at all.

    Go get it!

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  • I think your idea is cool. Test it out and see. Also, don't forget to include hashtags in your posts.

    All the best.
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    Thanks all. I replied earlier but I think it got flagged as spam due to the linked images.

    I've got the Insta setup and already am having some traffic. I've currently scheduled 2 posts per day and every other day or so I put in a product photo. The others are just beautiful landscape shots.

    Any recommendations on the correct hashtags? I'm using Later and its Hashtag finding function. I'm very concerned I'll get a nice following, but of the wrong type of person. However, if you shop at REI or Bass Pro I want your eyeballs... So I'm guessing landscape shots are good for that.

    I'm trying to get as much nice photography which integrates my product into the pictures as possible. It seems the small guys just post pics of their product but the big companies actually have nice photography with their product in it/something related to their product.

    What do y'all think?
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      Hi Andrew

      That souds great. What is the name of your page (don't post a link)?

      It is a good idea to integrate your product with photography. Unique pictures are a great way to bring attention to your product and differentiate your brand.
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        You can find me at TruRugged.

        Yes im working on getting more outdoor shots of my product in action.

        Im not getting a lot of followers even though im getting likes. Could this be due to my variance in pictures? Confusing visitors?

        I've checked out the profiles of the people liking my posts ane they're over 50% my target audience.

        I clearly have a lot to learn...
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          Hi Andrew

          I have had a look at the Instagram site. It looks good so far. I have the following comments/suggestions:

          - Definitely post more pictures showing the use of the product
          - Now that you have been in contact with influencers try to structure your posts/shout outs as giveaways. I.e. follow the page, and tag a friend to win a prize for both you and your friend. The prize should be your product or very closely related so that you gain targeted followers who are actually interest in your product.
          - Ubersuggest search volume for "lanyard making kit" is low at 110 searches per month. Not to say it can't work, it probably means most people don't know this product exists?
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    Have you looked at getting influencers? For example If you got someone like Bill Dance to use in one of his videos or just use it period. Or some other highly followed influencer in the fishing/hunting/outdoor space.
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      Yes, and I'm in the process of trying to find somebody.

      My business is a little short on revenue to hire Bill Dance though(His show was actually paid content like an infomercial. It's all ads!)!

      I've been contacting Youtubers to get a review but have received no replies. I've emailed several, including tiny channels with ~1,000 subs.

      The product was actually inspired by a major Youtuber who discussed the lack of products like mine on the market. I was mildly disappointed when he did respond after my second email and turned down a sample.
      Although he also recently posted a video complaining about companies who put their best foot forward in their samples. I don't plan on doing that!

      Maybe this just means my product sucks...
      If so that's okay I'll pivot.

      The Insta seems to be doing well. It's only been a day and I'm getting 10+ likes on each post and a trickle of followers. We'll see where it is in a week.

      There are a lot of small bespoke or small run knife companies who post on Insta. Their customers are probably my customers... Maybe I'll see if I can work out a deal for a promo on their Instagram on some of their products. The product is also REALLY good for flashlights, but not a lot of mom & pop flashlight companies.

      Thanks all
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    I think your idea is very good and it is worth trying.
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