Marketing Land's Daily Brief: Pinterest creators, involving MOPs in decisions: And More

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Marketing Land's Daily Brief reports on Pinterest creators, involving MOPs in decisions, and more.

Jessica Rich is a former director of consumer protection at the Federal Trade Commission. She wrote earlier this year about Congress's failure to act on some basic privacy recommendations which had been made by the FTC way back in 2000. That's led to two decades of "massive data breaches, virtually unlimited data collection, and "huge platforms that know everything about us and dominate the marketplace, and algorithmic predictions that create risk of bias and loss of opportunity."

Pinterest is powering up creators during stressful times

The platform has been helping its audience get through a stressful time, but now Pinterest has also begun to grow and strengthen that community. On Pinterest, there is following and sharing - like with more traditional forms of social media, but for years Pinterest has set itself apart from that and doesn't even consider itself to be true social media. As far as marketers are concerned, Pinterest topped 400 million monthly active users last Summer. More millennials and Gen Zers are using it, and 50% more men.

Back in September, the platform introduced Story Pins, which gives creators the ability to tell multi-page stories. Stories on Instagram expire after 24 hours, but on Pinterest, they remain. - which is a lot more evergreen, and well, Pinterest.

You Should Ask MOPs before buying the shiny new object

MOPs maven and Martech Architect at Slack Sara McNamara started a discussion on LinkedIn in which she slammed buying marketing technology without consulting marketing operations/technologists early on in the process.

Deborah Mayen is Head of MOPs at Molex: "Ironically, it also ends up discrediting MOPs. We're not consulted when buying it and aren't given the opportunity to review whether it'll actually meet our needs (oftentimes it's because no one wants to be told that the shiny new object does not necessarily equate to ROI). Then we're expected to 'make it work'."

There's more in the Daily Brief if you'd like some lunch hour reading material!
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