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Hey all,

I'm trying to promote my iOS app. I had ads running on facebook that were getting 30+ installs a day at $10/day cost. Unfortunately, facebook started rejecting my ads without providing details on why. I was on their support chat for a week trying to get it resolved and they did not seem to be able to give me reasons or help.

I decided to switch to google ads. With google ads I pay $15/day and barely get 5 installs. Google ads don't seem to work as expected. The content and region is exactly the same as the facebook ad I was running.

Any other suggested platforms?

Anyone has tried google ads vs facebook ads? if yes did you have any success with google ads vs facebook?
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    Originally Posted by Aryan Ghassemi View Post

    Any other suggested platforms?
    Try Bing Ads. You might get better results then google. Cheaper to advertise there also.

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    Were you using FB's Audience Network previously? Could relate to Apple's new rules there? Generally speaking, I'd certainly keep endeavoring to contact FB there - FB install ads, as you found, *can* be pretty effective.

    There are a few alternative strategies laid out in these threads - worth perusing as well:
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    Stick with facebook Ads. They are much cheaper and effective. However you should change some ad setting and keep trying. All the best!
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