Daily brief: Evaluating virtual events, success with speakers, plus, Bronto ESP is deleted

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Marketing Land's Daily Brief reports on evaluating virtual events, success with speakers, and Bronto ESP getting deleted.

"Putting aside airline delays, many people will be excited to get back to in-person events as soon as it's safe to do so. In fact, they've already told us they prefer in-person to virtual. However, there will continue to be a place for virtual and hybrid events and we still need to find ways to provide more interactivity and networking for attendees that goes beyond a chat Q&A. We've seen great success with "community meet-ups" in our shows, where an industry expert moderates a conversation with attendees. And 1:1 networking still has a place in virtual shows. Sure it feels like digital speed dating, but there's just enough time to trade a few ideas and contact details."
Extinct ... again

"Bronto, the ESP acquired by NetSuite in 2015, will cease service at the end of May, 2022. In an email to customers, Bronto announced that it was entering an "end of life" phase, with its marketing automation technology and other resources migrating to the Oracle CX Cloud. Bronto's market share appeared to be both small (0.68%) and declining. Oracle itself commands a much larger slice of the marketing automation space, although it lags well behind HubSpot.

If this was a logical step for Oracle NetSuite, for Bronto's clients it meant the headache of switching to an alternative ESP provider. Tinuiti, the performance marketing agency, responded swiftly to the news by offering advice on selecting a new ESP: Tinuiti itself, of course, offers professional guidance in selection and migration of email services, as well as email marketing management. Cross-channel marketing platform Acoustic, home to IBM's divested marketing solutions, also stepped forward to help Bronto's customers, with the message: 'Acoustic can help...We're not going anywhere.'"
Partnering with speakers for successful events and webinars

"Speakers can make a big difference in the success of your event or webinar, so whether you are working with internal or external speakers, it's important to choose someone with the right expertise and coach them through the speaking process. Here are a few tips for a smooth experience."
  • Know your goals and communicate them to potential speakers. Is this speaking role purely educational, for lead generation, for branding or thought leadership, or something else?
  • Write down your expectations. What topic do you want the speaker to cover? What type of presentation are you planning, are they expected to work with other speakers as you would with a panel, or is it a solo talk? Will there be slides? If so, who will design them? Do you want the presentation to include a case study, be actionable or is it more of a strategic presentation?
  • If you're producing this presentation virtually, be sure to communicate what technology, background and lighting the speaker will need to have in order to look and sound good in the recording or during the live broadcast.
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