Google Wave and Warrior Wavers.

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Well I have been toying with Google Wave and (just like any other social media tool),Google Wave Seems very promising when it comes to creating or building lists.

I have found many different ways to use this to really get some massive traffic.

I am still testing some things but definitely would like to connect to any Warriors who are on Google Wave out there. You can connect to many Waves and I didn't see a Warrior Forum one so I decided to create one.

I created a Public Wave labeled and linked below:

Warrior Forum (Public Wave) for all the Warriors out there to Socially connect.

The public Warrior Wave is below. Let's get out there and promote the Forum and play around with Google Wave.
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    I'd love to connect but I still don't have a Wave invite. Anyone got a spare?
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    I found it rather boring .. but that's me... I think there are still many many features missing.

    I created the account and looked at it, after 10 minutes I was bored so I left. Besides that I really do not feel like supporting some search engine that craps on website owners...

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