A piece of advice to Article Marketer wannabes

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This is a piece of advice for those newbies like me who wants to start article marketing.

"Be sure to already have a good landing page on your sig."

I learned this the hard way. I was able to sign up to EZA and already had two of my articles published. I checked in google and I found out that my article was actually no. 2 in the return, no. 1 was an ad I placed for the same article. I basically had spot 1 and 2 to my own.

When I checked out adsense, I had an increase in ad display, this means that people were actually going to my site.

But the problem was that the ads seldom got clicked. Then it hit me. I was directing traffic from my articles into a site that basically contained 4 articles nothing else..In a sense, it has no value.

Now my point here is, this is just wasted traffic. They came looking for something and got disappointed to find out there's no gold at the end of the rainbow....

Luckily I realized this early. I'll be able to correct this mistake soon.

As for you, you're lucky. You don't have to go through the same mistake.

My final piece of advice. It is true, article writing is powerful but make sure that when they click your link, you'll be able to deliver..

HTH Pips!

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