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If you were to start all over in your internet marketing business. Between Blogging, YouTube and Social media what platform would you rather focus more on
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    Social media
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      Lol Enzo. I am surprised at your answer. Why social media

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      Would suppose it depends on your skillsets. If you love creating videos, or content, I would say social media. Growing on YouTube is pretty simple, if you know what you're doing.

      Agreed, there are lots of people earning big bucks from YouTube marketing. As long as they don't do anything that gets you demonetized, YouTube is a great marketing channel for ranking videos, and growing.

      Exactly. Video-content is becoming an increasing trend, and has been going in that direction for many years now. It's also quite simple to grow on YouTube by ranking videos on long-tail keywords, for those just getting started.
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    Originally Posted by maxdosh View Post

    If you were to start all over in your internet marketing business. Between Blogging, YouTube and Social media what platform would you rather focus more on
    Depends on the subject, but I would combine it if possible.

    For example, as a hobby you make math riddles and puzzles, they can go viral on social media, but you also need to create an explainer, and that one you put on YouTube.

    The puzzle, easy to share on social media

    The answer, make a youtube channel and monetize it.
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    I would use all the above platforms because each of them them allow you to harness the power of search engine traffic from Google without paying a dime .

    Blogging is probably the number 1 in my opinion
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    YouTube. There are people over there that
    started making videos 3+ years ago and they
    are getting serious recurring YouTube checks.
    Some of the topics are mundane lame how-to
    videos on topics like how to apply nail polish
    and mascara, how to make a pillow, how to
    clean your bathroom, stuff that you wouldn't
    even think is very interesting. And now they
    are earning passive income from all of their
    past efforts. YouTube is where it's at.
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      Originally Posted by Monetize View Post

      I'm going with YouTube as well. I'm not advocating not having a website, indeed people who think they can make money online long-term without basically starting over everyday are listening to the gurus on YouTube who tell them to do just that.

      That said YouTube is one of the few sources where you can develop a following and is affiliate link friendly. Again for the record - GET A WEBSITE!

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    Even despite my success in advertising on Facebook, I would like to start my own YouTube channel and shoot a video about my hobby.
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  • I will go Social Media first. In my opinion there you can get results fast. After mastering social media i will go on youtube and blogging.
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      agreed with you!
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    This is depends on your material or content things If you have good content then you can go with Blogging, If you have good videos then you can go with YouTube, If you have good post then you can go with Social media, All platforms are good for traffic and web promotions.
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    Social media through PPC. PPC is the best way to market any kind of website.
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    It depends on how well the product is presented and perceived by your market.

    And ask yourself: Where the bulk of my customers roam?

    As Brutal Fox used to say: There are no set rules.

    ... no set rules.

    And as Einstein said: Everything is relevant.

    George Troy Marketing on Youtube

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    I personally prefer YouTube, mainly because as a consumer I spend more time there than in the others you mentioned.
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  • The 3 platforms are effective. I will just start with one at a time and keep spreading wings as i grow in one.

    I will prefer blogging for a start.
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  • It depends on the niche though. But all thing being equal, I'm opting for social media. That way, i can even know my target audiences more.
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  • Use all of them with your blog as the main one for content writing and social media to share your valuable content.

    Good luck
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  • Use all the platforms as every platform has its own benefits and allows you to target the audience present on all the platforms. Though, I will focus more on Social Media.
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    I would say YouTube with a caveat... I would shoot a video... and post it on youtube, THEN I would have the video transcribed and clean up the text a bit, and BLOG that.. and THEN I would use social to point towards the video and the written content.

    3 Birds and one stone oh wait.. 4 stones... I would take snippet quotes from the text and post those on twitter
    Success is an ACT not an idea
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    I think the same - Social media, at least it easier to promote than YouTube.
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    Social Media platform would be the first option but combining all of the three would be better to get best results.
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    Either way, publish yourself.

    Make posts/videos that *your flock* resonates with.

    Rinse and repeat.

    George Troy Marketing on Youtube

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    Social media but the paid ads version of it not the free.
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    If you wanna think about short term and easy way to get paid then it is social media and long race is blogging and youtube.
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    I would start blogging and writing valuable content.

    Then I would make a youtube video for each of my blogposts and share them on social media.
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    Blogging. Then social media.
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  • You can use the three platforms for marketing. By creating content according to the platform, you can target the audience present on these three platforms. But if you have expertise in creating content for a particular platform you can use that one.
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    Use the 3 platforms combined together.

    Crossover the content as we do, it needs about 1 hour or less to place the content and get traffic
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    Tough call. I am doing all of YouTube, social media and web sites (but not blogs, strictly speaking) right now. Done well, they all work. So I have no idea what I would have started with, but I know for sure things would work out no matter what I started from, and invested smartness along with effort into.

    And I suppose that's more important than just getting started!
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    Entrepreneurs sell what's selling best. First take a good look at what you're selling... you routinely use what you sell. I know folks are high on their heels to listen to an audio and watch a video because the information provided hits a nerve with them and they believe in the product. The product has to be real good. If the product is no good, forget about it, do a funky twist and wing it. If the product is dud, you're promoting a dead duck. Only the deliverers survive in this business.

    George Troy Marketing on Youtube

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    Thank you so much
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    Youtube. Seriously.

    Hard time to keep promoting business? Don't worry!
    . . . . . Let me help cutting your ad production cost! . . . . .
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  • Blogging is a long term investment. If you are good at writing or love writing, or can hire someone for writing for you - this can be a great platform attracting huge traffic on which you can monetize by AdSense.
    Further, marketers are always in search of good sites to submit there own content pieces for promotion and earning backlinks. So slowly you can simply focus on earning.
    I prefer blogging to be the best and long term internet marketing business.
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    I would definitely do social media, but they all three go hand in hand. The blogs and YouTube content can be shareable to followers from social media.
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    Of course, YouTube. This is a very developed platform with huge prospects
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    You should use all three that way you should have success with one or all three.
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