The Camtasia Killer Looms on the Horizon?

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Hey Fellow Internet Marketing Warriors,

If you haven't used Loom yet, you should check it out.
It has a lot of built in features that facilitates sharing with video
and seems like an excellent tool so far.

I've been using it to interface with a development team working on a
handy little software development project for internet marketers
and entrepreneurs.

One of the developers sent me a link to a Loom he made with questions
about the app we're making and I've been hooked ever since.

I can neither confirm nor deny that this has anything to do with Techsmith
denying my affiliate application but I never thought I'd forget Camtasia so
quickly and HappyScribe has a free cool dictate feature with your built in mic
to convert speech to text so bye bye Audiate.

Anyone have any experience with either Loom or HappyScribe?

I had to dig around to find that "dictate" feature on HappyScribe but it works a treat.
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    My company hired a developer to build an app, and the PM used Loom. He used it for a wireframe and storyboard. It was nice because he could show us the work flow of the app and he really loved Loom.

    He did a zoom screenshare with us (Pre-Covid) to walk us through what he had in the first meeting. We kept making change orders, and he would adjust the Loom presentation. Once he had made several changes, instead of trying to schedule a zoom with everyone involved, he would record his screen and himself talking through those changes and then send us the recording. This recording was also done through Loom's software which was really handy.

    Hope that helps!
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    Loom has helped me show the issues I see on my computer to support teams of various online services that I use.
    For any type of support it is almost always better to shoot a quick video than to actually type it.
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    not sure how Loom is a threat to Camtasia at all. It seems like a good tool for inter-business communications, but for creating marketing videos, editing, and posting on various Video sites. I do not see it. The average internet marketer would probably have no use for it.

    So i guess you are right that it is because they denied you an affiliate account.

    If anyone wants a free alternative to Camtasia then give CamStudio a try.

    The Flu? Not worthy of a mention here???
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  • If it's just for inter-business communications, TinyTake is also pretty good. The free account allows you to create short video memos and you can store a lot of screenshots.
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