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i'm looking to start conducting market research to find a blue ocean strategy. In the books it talks about doing infield work and market research

1) In the blue ocean shift, it mentions the importance of being in the field to assess pain points.
If my field (personal development) people just access online courses from the click of a button, would being in the field involve me just watching people download a course?

2) I'm brand new to business so I have no existing customers to interview, is this a problem?

3) What would be the best way to find non customers to interview? do I have to find strangers and ask to interview them? Or just post questions on forums for people to answer?

4) How many people approx would I have to interview/observe in the field

thank you in advance
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    Hi there,
    Regarding point 1) in your post I can recommend you go to places you can find online courses/books and read the reviews. The comments in Udemy, Amazon, some Youtube channels will get you many ideas for the pain points you are looking for.
    As much as I love education, when you compare formal education (from universities) with real education (from entrepreneurs) you start seeing many differences, I see you come from a formal education background, correct me if I am wrong.
    The main difference is the teachers/mentors you will find along the way. If you are brand new to the business, the best thing I can recommend you do is look for a person who has the results you want in your life... and do what they did to get there.
    Not copy, but model their success.
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    If my field (personal development) people just access online courses from the click of a button
    There are other ways that people engage in personal development. It may be difficult in the COVID era depending on where you live, but you could attend events/conferences where personal development speakers are teaching.
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