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What's your favourite social media management tool?

Asking for a friend - well a colleague actually.

I'm looking at helping them plan and control activity across Twitter, Facebook, Insta and LinkedIn for multiple different accounts.

Ideally I'd get scheduling, listening, monitoring and reporting tools. With say, a two or three seat license?

Sprout Social?

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    Hootsuite of course.
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      Thanks Henry, that's a really useful reply. Hootsuite has appeared in a couple of people's responses. But you think Buffer is better? Any specific reason? And I note you don't include Sprout.
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    The post you are responding to was copy/paste so has been deleted. Posting a 'list' found elsewhere is not a recommendation.
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    Hootsuite and Sprout are both good for imo. For 3 seats and (i believe) a few more social profiles, Hootsuite may also be the more cost effective (their "Team" tier)
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    You can use these Later, Buffer, Sprout Social and Hootsuite these are social media scheduling tools.
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    Hootsuite is one of the best social media management tools.
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