Your Biggest Sticking Point with Product Creation Is...

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I'm always interested in how other Warriors view their own internet marketing.

This is for those who are not already world-class product creators. If you have never created your own info product before...or maybe you have only created one or two products, (but it took you a long time and seemed like more trouble than it was worth?)...

What has been your biggest roadblock that has made it difficult to finish your product so far?


These are the biggest sticking points so far in the order contributed by Warriors:

1. Self doubt/overthinking- not believing the product would be valuable enough to charge for.
2. Uncertainty in niche selection
3. Creating products without the needed expertise based on market research, experience and results.
4. Selling private label rights products as solutions without understanding the needs of people in the niche market.
5. No experience in the field related to the chosen niche.
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    I know all of us don't have a product line making regular sales yet.

    Let's hear from those who don't and what it is that you believe has held you back up to this point.
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    Hi Doug

    I found self doubt/overthinking to be the biggest problem, not believing the product would be valueable enough to charge for.
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      Hi Serene,

      Excellent contribution. That's a very common sticking point for many. Self-doubt about your expertise or qualifications for being the one to create the product, overthinking aka "paralysis of analysis" and how to ensure people find your product valuable is an important issue.

      This is a great starting point. To overcome these you can have a plan of action to become an expert on your topic and/or strengthen your expertise on your knowledge base on the topic. For example, you can purchase the top 5 or 10 best-selling books and/or home study courses on your topic from the established experts in the field then really immerse yourself until you are confident that you possess enough knowledge to charge for your information because you know what knowledge the leading experts in your field are charging for by virtue of your firsthand experience with their published products.

      If the knowledge was valuable enough for them to charge for, then it is valuable enough on its own merit for you to charge for as well. If you learn everything the top 10 leading experts in your field share in their products about a topic, then you will certainly be qualified to charge for information when you share your knowledge on the topic in your products that you create due to your research. This newfound knowledge gives you confidence in your abilities to impart your knowledge on the topic and thus puts an end to the paralysis of analysis that kept you stalling on the product creation.

      To drill deeper, along with your market research on what the experts (who have conducted their own market research before deciding what to include in those best-selling products you bought) included in their own products, you can also research current pain points and questions that people in the market for such products are asking about online so that you know what it is they are struggling with in context to the topic of your research. When you see certain pain points recurring, you can be sure that is a topic that you can include in your product that will be valuable to people because it is something that keeps coming up as one of the problems they experience.

      The value aspect comes down to solving people's problems. This means the basics of finding what problems people in your niche are struggling with and then providing them solutions to those problems to make sure they get results.

      Buyers value results. When you research your topic enough to know what issues people in the niche are struggling with, then you can be assured they'll value your products because they solve the problems they struggle with the most and help them achieve the goals that almost all people in the market to purchase your products desire. People happily pay for those kinds of solutions and results!

      Serene, excellent contribution. Thank you for helping to get the ball rolling here. Do you find this helpful?

      Let's hear from others too.

      What is holding you back on creating your own products?

      Keep 'em coming.
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    I think the biggest problem is.

    People are told they need to make their own products. These people do not know what niche they should make this product in. These same people decide on a niche they have no clue about. No experience, no results. So they buy plr and they do not understand what the plr is saying. In the end they, righfully so, realize they should not be creating a product.

    And those that create a product anyway realize when all the refund requests start rolling in that they should not have created the product in the first place


    "Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work." Thomas Edison

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    Thank you, Al. This is an excellent contribution because these are all indeed big sticking points: Uncertainty about niche selection, conflicting advice about how to handle it, people who are not experts with experience creating products or using private label rights products they bought in an effort to bridge the experience and results gap without truly understanding the needs of the people in their niche market.

    The same solution from above can be applied to remedy this problem. Develop expertise and gain experience helping the people in your niche market get results. When you allow market research with real feedback from real people to guide you in creating products that provide real solutions to real problems for real people, then you avoid that mistake and increase the probability of success in the marketplace.

    Keep them coming.
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    The actual choosing a niche market that suits you and the market is extremely difficult
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    I think, people mostly having different issues with product creation, it depends on a lot of factors, there is no statistics to answer it, because everybody have different experience, approach and mindset
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    Very interesting thread! Great question and your answer to the responses brilliant.

    But what do you think about the decline in info products on WarriorPlus? One click
    software creators have replaced the info product creators and I think a lot of aspiring
    info product creators feel that they can't compete.
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